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Yes, as you keep drawing more and more samples and the number of samples become sufficiently large. This is known as the Central Limit Theorem.

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Q: Will sample means be nearly normally distributed if the distribution of the measurement among the individuals are not from a normal distribution?
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Is a normally distributed variable needed to have a normally distributed sampling distribution.?

Yes, it is.

What will the sampling distribution of the mean be if a population is normally distribution?

Also normally distributed.

How would you characterize the distribution of scores in a normal distribution?

They are said to be Normally distributed.

Does a population have to be normally distributed in order to use the chi-square distribution?

No, but the approximation is better for normally distributed variables.

How to present a variable that is not normally distributed?

There are many variables that are not normally distributed. You can describe them using a probability distribution function or its cumulative version; you can present them graphically.

Distribution of errors in regression analysis?

Errors are normally distributed with mean 0 .

What does it mean when you say a variable is normally distributed?

It means that the probability distribution function of the variable is the Gaussian or normal distribution.

What does it mean for a population to be normally distributed?

A Gaussian distribution is the "official" term for the Normal distribution. This is a probability density function, of the exponential family, defined by the two parameters, its mean and variance. A population is said to be normally distributed if the values that a variable of interest can take have a normal or Gaussian distribution within that population.

What does it mean when data is normally distributed?

It means that the data are distributed according to a probability distribution function known as the normal distribution. This site is useless for showing most mathematical functions but you can Google "normal distribution" to get more details.

Why do population follow normal distribution?

The form of this question incorportates a false premise. The premise is that the data are normally distributed. Actually, is the sample mean which, under certain circumstances, is normally distributed.

When doing a t-test what does normal distributed in population mean?

It means that the random variable of interest is Normally distributed and so the t-distribution is an appropriate distribution for the test rather than just an approximation.

Does stabilizing selection favors average individuals?

Yes, because the two extremes of the phenotype distribution are selected against. Consider human height as an example of this type of selection and think of a normally distributed Bell curve.