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The height or altitude of triangle: (2*45)/15 = 6cm

Check: 0.5*15*6 = 45 square cm

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Q: Find the altitude of a triangle whose area is 45cm squared and 15cm?
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Is 7cm 11cm 15cm a right triangle?

No. 7 squared plus 11 squared does not equal 15 squared.

The area of a triangle is 45cm2 the base of the triangle is 6cm what is the height of the triangle?

Area of a triangle = 1/2 x base x altitude(height)On putting given values, we get45cm2 = 1/2 x 6cm x height(altitude)cm45 = 3 x altitudealtitude = 15 cmAnswer to the question is 15cm.

What is a triangle with sides 11cm 15cm 11cm?


Area of a square that has side 15cm?

225 cm squared

What is the area of a triangle with a base of 10cm and a height of 15cm?


Can you construct a triangle that has side lengths 11cm 12cm and 15cm?


What is the area of a right triangle with sides of 8cm 15cm 17cm?

60 cm2

What is the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle where the two sides are 15cm and 15cm long?

Using Pythagoras' theorem: 15 times the square root of 2 cm in length

What is the missing length of the right triangle which measures 15 cm by 13 cm?

We don't know whether the 15cm happens to be the hypotenuse (longest side) of the right triangle. It makes a big difference. -- If the 15cm is the longest side, then the third side is 7.483 cm. (rounded) -- If the 13cm and the 15cm are the "legs", then the hypotenuse is 19.849 cm. (rounded)

What is the value of h in a right angled triangle with 31ยฐ and 15cm?

Following the symbols in the image: Assuming 15cm corresponds to a (the line adjacent to the angle), then you need to use the cosine formula cos(รธ) = a/h cos(31ยบ) = 15cm/h h*cos(31ยบ) = (15cm/h) * h h*cos(31ยบ) = 15cm * 1 h*cos(31ยบ)/cos(31ยบ) = 15cm/cos(31ยบ) h*1 = 15cm/cos(31ยบ) h = 16.398

The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is 45 centimetersFind the length of an altitude?

Each side of the triangle is 45cm/3=15cm. The altitude divides the base into two equal segments of 7.5cm. This results in a right triangle with hypotenuse 15 cm and base 7.5cm. Pythagorus tells us a2+b2=c2 where a=altitude, b=base, c=hypotenuse. a2=c2-b2=152-7.52=225-56.25=168.75, a=12.99cm. Alternatively, the 3 angles of an equilateral triangle are all 60 degrees. The altitude divides one of these angles into two 30 degree angles. The cosine of 30 degrees is the opposite divided by the adjacent side. The adjacent side is the altitude. Thus a/c=cosine of 30 degrees, a=c X cos30 degrees = 15X0.866=12.99cm

Can a 3 sided shape with lenghts of 8 cm 7cm and 15cm be a scalene triangle?

A triangle with those measurements would just form a straight line.

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