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If is does not cluster with the other points on a plot. example; the asterik is the outlier

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Q: How can an outlier be determined in a line plot?
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What is an outlier on a line plot?


What is an outlier in a line-plot?

A number that is different from any other numbers in the data.!

What is a outlier in a line plot?

a number that is way different than all the other ones

What is a outlier in a steam in leaf plot?

the second median

What is the outlier of this data 615182021222425282930?

i can not tell you need to space it out and to find outlier try using a box and whisker plot. and if it is just one number there is no outlier

How do you find the outlier in a box and whiskers plot?

try this site

What is a outlier on a number line in math?

The outlier is the number in a line plot that is right after the gap, the number that is way far away from all the clusters but sstill has data recorded in it, basically its just the odd one out of the bunch, almost like it doesnt belong or make sense but is true.

How does the addition of a possible outlier on PLOT B affect the center of PLOT B relative to the center of PLOT A?

The answer will depend on what PLOT A and PLOT B are. But since you have chosen not to provide that information the answer is

What is a plot line?

A plot line is the story line or plot of a piece of writing.

What happens to the correlation when a high outlier is removed from a data set?

The answer will depend on whether the outlier is determined on the basis of one variable or both variables.

What is a outlier on a line plot?

An* outlier is a number that is much, much greater or much, much less than all/most of the other points. Basically the one that messes up the average, so usually outliers are counted out when finding the mean of a set.

What is a cluster gaps and outliers of a line plot?

A cluster is a group of data, or a bunch. A gap is a huge interval. An outlier is a piece of data that is really small or really big.

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