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Q: How many numbers or letters can a license plate have?
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How many numbers letters in limo license?

one letter the rest numbers,its a commercial plate

How many different ways can a license plate be made containing two letters and three digits with repetition of the numbers and letters not allowed?

There are 676,000 ways to make the license plates.

How many numbers are on a license plate?


How many possible combinations could be constructed using 3 letters and 3 numbers for a license plate?

26x26x26x10x10x10 = 17,576,000

How many possible license plate numbers can be made from 1 numerical digit followed by 3 letters followed by 3 numerical digits?

each of the four numbers have 10 possibilities, and each of the three letters have 26 possibilities. so the total possible ways u can arrange them are 10x10x10x10x26x26x26 this totals up to 175,760,000 different license plate numbers

What is Chef's license plate?

COOK 4U is one IdeaKCH EN1 Depending on how many letters you are allowedBOSS COOK could be usedCHEF NO1 in countries with limited allowable letters on the plateTOP CHEF would be ideal if you can have all letters and no numbers on your vanity plate.

If a license plate consists of two letters followed by four digits how many different plates are possible?

If all letters and numbers are allowed, the possibilities are 26x26x10x10x10x10. So: 6760000 different plates.

How many characters can a license plate in North Carolina have?

The license plates in North Carolina have 7 characters. The first 3 characters are letters and the last 4 characters are numbers. For example ABC-1234.

How many different license plates exist if each license plate contains 3 letters and 4 numbers and all four numbers are even?

384,475,000 license plates. There are 35 different letter/number combinations possible. Each combination has 10,985,000 variants. 35*10,985,000 = 384,475,000

How many different license plates are possible if the numbers and letters cannot be repeated?

It's going to make a big difference how many characters there are on each license plate.It's also going to make a big difference how many of them have to be numbers andhow many have to be letters.-- If each plate has one character, then there are 36 possibilities.-- If each plate has 2 characters, then there are 1,260 possibilities.But if it has to be 1 number and 1 letter, then there are only 260 possibilities.-- If each plate has 3 characters, then there are 42,840 possibilities.But if it's 2 numbers and 1 letter, then there are only 2,340 possibilities.And if it's 1 number and 2 letters, then there are 6,500 possibilities.You can see that in order to answer the question, we need to know more detailsabout the rules of license-plate formatting.

How many license plates can be made using three numbers and four letters?


How many license plate combinations if there are two numbers one letter two numbers one letter?

4435236.. I think

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