What are the units on a graph?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Unless otherwise specified, they are simply called 'units'.

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Q: What are the units on a graph?
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A line graph is a graph that uses?

A graph is used for graphing lines and points. A graph consist of rows columns and units.

Is f(x) shifted downward a units?

To shift a funcion (or its graph) down "a" units, you subtract "a" from the function. For example, x squared gives you a certain graph; "x squared minus a" will give you the same graph, but shifted down "a" units. Similarly, you can shift a graph upwards "a" units, by adding "a" to the function.

What are units on a graph?

Unless otherwise specified, they are simply called 'units'.

What are the metric units a speed graph?


What are the numbers that show the units on a graph?


What is the difference frequency graph versus percentage graph?

The main difference is that the vertical scale for a frequency graph is in units (or numbers) whereas in a percentage graph, it is in percentages,

What is the importance of units on a graph?

it's to help you with your counting

Which is the exponential form of log 8 x equals 3?

The graph of is shifted 3 units down and 2 units right. Which equation represents the new graph?

If f(x) is the graph of f(x) translated down 2 units?

f(x) cannnot be a graph of itself translated down by anything other than 0 units.

How is the graph of f(x)-3x2-4 different from the graph of f(x)-3x2?

The second graph is shifted upwards by 4 units.

How do you graph a constant?

The graph of y = c, a constant will be a straight line parallel to the x-axis and c units from it..

What is a scale on a line graph?

the scale would be how many units or numbers you go by each line in the line graph.