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The area of a circle is directly proportional to the square of its radius.

If two circles have radii R1 and R2 , then the ratio of their areas is ( R1/R2 )2

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Q: What is the relationship between area of a circle and its radius squared for a series of circles with large increasingly large radii?
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What is the relationship between the area of a circle and its radius squared?

The area of a circle is defined by the equation A = πr^2 where π = pi (3.14...) A = Area r^2 = radius squared So, the radius of a circle squared multiplied by pi equals the area.

What is the relationship between the legs and the hypotenuse?

The two legs squared and added together = the length of the hypotenuse's length squared

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It depends of what kind of squared b and squared c your talking about... Sorry Hun! It depends "of" what kind of squared b and squared c "your" talking about... Sorry Hun! What the heck is that even supposed to mean (even without the mispelling and bad grammar)? a2 b2 and c2 are all unknown quantities - without extra symbols it's impossible to state a relationship between the three numbers.

A squared plus b squared equals c squared?

X squared plus b squared equals c squared when x and b squared equals 5 - 2 what does c equal

How do you find the area common to circles?

pi r squared Area of the circle = pi (radius)2 square units.If we are supposed to find the area between two concentric circles then, let us see the definition first.Concentric circles have a common center and different radii.Area of the large circle – Area of the small circle = Area of the region between the circles.It is called as the annulus part Source:

What is quadratic relationship?

y=x squared

What is the relationship between perfect squares and square roots?

The square roots of perfect squares are the numbers that when squared create perfect squares as for example 36 is a perfect square and its square root is 6 which when squared is 36

Why do you square a number in a mathematical formula?

A formula is something which shows a relationship between two or more things. A formula will contain variables and may also contain constants too and it tells us the relationship between them. The answer to the question is that you square a number if, and only if, the relationship between the variables (or constants) requires the number to be squared. For example in the famous formula e = mc2 , here we must square the constant, the speed of light in a vacuum (c), in order to calculate energy (e). It has to be squared because that constitutes the relationship between the values and there is no option to ignore that.

How do you work out a circles area?

pi times the radius squared or pi (approx 3.14) times the diameter

Which of the following circles have their centers on the y-axis (x-0)squared (y 5) squared74?

Yes, it does.

What is the command for a square and circles?

If you mean square units within a circle then it is:- Area = pi*radius squared