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the leading digit

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Q: When you are the left digit of a digit number what are you?
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What is the leading digit?

A leading digit is the digit/number at the beggining of a decimal number or regular number and is the first number to the left.

The leading digit in a decimal number?

The leading digit in a number is the digit to the most left. EXAMPLES: 1.09 the leading digit is 1. 298 leading digit 2.

What are the thousands and ones places in a number?

The thousands digit is 4 left of the decimal point and the ones digit is the digit to the left of the decimal point. In a whole number the decimal point is not written and can be considered as "hiding" after the last digit - the ones digit.

What is the place value of the first digit on the left in a seven-digit whole number?


What is the largest unit of the number?

The left most digit.

Which digit is in the tens place?

The tens place digit (in a decimal system number) is the second digit to the left of the decimal point.

What digit has the greater value in the number 239146?

The farthest to the left.

What is the largest number can be formed using the number 2463?

Pressumably, you want to use each digit once. Starting from the left, use the largest digit you can every time. For example, the left-most digit should be "6".

Which is greater 0.07 or 0.040?

Compare one digit at a time, from left to right, until you find a digit that is different. The number with the greater digit in this position is the larger number.

What value will the units digit of the number 20082008 be?

8 : the units digit is the first digit to the left of the decimal point if you had to write one in.

Name a 10 digit Number such that the first digit on the left tells how many 0 are in the numbers?


Where do you find the account number on a check?

At the bottom of the check. It should be a 10 digit number to the right of the 9 digit routing on the bottom left.

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