X x x x y y y simplify this?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It can be written as x4y3 but it can be switched around such as:

4x3y. This means 4 lots of x's and 3 lots of y's or 4x times 3y.

Ermm I could be wrong.

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Q: X x x x y y y simplify this?
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How do you simplify ysquared-xsquared?

y2-x2 = (y+x)(y-x)

How do you solve y equals -x?

You can't simplify this any further. y=-x is the equation of a line.

How do you simplify x plus x plus x plus x plus y plus y plus y plus x?

The answer is 5x+3y. (5 xs and 3 ys)

How do you Simplify x to the power of negative 2 and y to the power of 3?

It is y^3/x^2

Multiply and simplify y-7y-5?


Simplify xy over yx divided by 2x over 2y?

xy over yx can be simplified to 1. 2x over 2y can be simplified to x over y. So the final step would be to simplify 1 divided by x over y, which would just be 1 multiplied by y over x. Answer: y/x (y over x)

How do you simplify x plus y all over x ALL OVER x to the negative 1 plus y to the negative 1?

(x + y) / (x-1 + y-1) = (x + y) divided by ( 1/x + 1/y)Multiply numerator and denominator by 'xy' :xy (x + y) / (y + x)Then the whole thing falls apart, and we're left with:xy

How do you simplify components?

I know if you divide by e^(y/x) you get three of the components, but I can't figure out how to get the fraction with the (x+y) as the denominator and where ...

How do your turn x plus y equals 4 into y intercept form?

If you are talking about slope/intercept form... you have to remember the formula: y=mx+b Therefore, if you have x+y=4, you need to subtract x from both sides of the equation. x-x+y=-x+4 ... then simplify y=-x+4 Remember that -x is the same as -1x

How do you simplify this?

y/(x+x^2+x^3+x^4+x^5)=.00001001 is the equation. I'd like it to start as "x=". thank you for the help!

What is x plus y equals 2 and x plus 2y equals -10?

I suppose the full question is: Given the following system of equations, find the values of x and y. x+y=2 x+2y=-10 First, you need to isolate the variable y in the equation x+y=2 You do this by subtracting x from both sides of the equation. x+y-x=2-x Simplify: y=2-x Now you substitute the equation 2-x in the place of y in the equation x + 2y=-10 Like this: x+2y=-10 x+2(2-x)=-10 Distribute the two: x+4-2x=-10 Combine like terms: -x+4=-10 Subtract 4 from both sides: -x+4-4=-10-4 Simplify: -x=-14 Divide both sides by negative one to get rid of the negative sign in front of x: -x/-1=-14/-1 Simplify: x=14 Plug the value of x (14) into the equation x+y=2: 14+y=2 Subtract 14 from both sides: 14-14+y=2-14 Simplify: y=-12 Now you are done. From now on, please pay attention in class. If you don't even know the basic math skills that this requires then you have no future.

What is 9y2 X Y2?

If Y = y, then it is 9y4 or 9Y4. If Y is not the same as y, then you can't simplify it any.