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It is 2.25

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Q: What is the answer to Three take away a quarter take away a half?
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What is 1 half take away a quarter?

it is just one quarter

When half of the moon is dark what is it called?

A quarter moon. What we call "full" moon is really only half of the moon shining, so if you take away half of a half, you get a quarter. When people say, "It's a quarter moon," there should only be half of a "full" moon showing.

What is three fourths take away one fourth?

one half

What is one half take away one eighth?

Three eights. There are four eights in one half.

What is three multiplied by one half?

do you own a calculator? so 1.5 is half of 3, so you multiply 3 by two, and take away half of three: 4.5

How many sixteenth notes are there in a doted half note?

Twelve. Remember that the dot always adds one half of the original note to the total - so a dotted half note is three beats in length. (Cut a half note in half and you get a quarter, so a dotted half note is two beats for the half note and one beat for the quarter you added to it) So now you can take those three beats (Three quarter notes) and cut them in half, which is six eighth notes, and then cut that in half and get twelve sixteenth notes. Phew. I hope that made sense.

What is half of a quarter of 400?

50. First you have to find out what a quarter of 400 is before you can take half of that number. So one quarter of 400 is the same as dividing by 4, so the answer is 100. Then you'll need to take half of that number, which is 50.

If you had one half of a circle made from eighths could you take away three eighths?

Yes, half of a circle made of eights is 4 eights. Take away 3 eight you still have 1 left.

What is sixteen take away one quarter?


What does twenty eight and a half take away three eighth equal?

Twenty-eight and one eighth.

What is 32 take away a quarter?

32 - 0.25 = 31.75 or... If by a quarter you mean a quarter of 32, 32 - 8 = 24

What is one quarter take away one tenth?


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