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To solve this, you would divide x by y, and multiply by 100.

(x/y)*100 = Percent of y


if x=3 and y=4


.75*100= 75%

3 is 75% of 4.

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Q: What percentage is x of y and what is the formula to solve it?
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How do you calculate x as a percentage of y?

x as a percentage of y = x/y * 100% divide x by y then multiply by 100%

What percentage is 400 of 700?

For finding percentage of a number, say, with respect to a number(or total), say, y, the general formula is: x/y * 100 so, here in this case: x=400, y =700 so, the required percentage = (400/700) * 100 i.e. 400/7 = 57.143% (Rounded off to the third decimal place)

How do you take out percentage of marks?

Suppose a test is worth X marks and you get Y marks. Then your percentage marks are100*(Y/X).

How do I find Find two numbers whose difference and whose quotient are each equal to five?

x-y = 5; x/y = 5; solve x = 5y; substitute 5y-y = 5;4y=5; y =5/4 and x = 25/4

Two positive numbers have a difference of 8 and a product of 48 Find the two numbers?

This problem can be solved with a system of equations. Let the first number equal x and the second number equal y. Here are the two equations: x-y=8 This makes sense because if two number have a difference of 8, than the first number minus the second number will equal 8. x * Y = 48 This is self explanatory. Now, we solve: x-y=8 x=8+y (y is added to both sides. Now we know what x is equal to, so we can substitute it into the second equation) (8+y)*y=48 8y+y2=48 (y is distributed) y2+8y-48=0 (the equation is made into a quadratic) (y+12)(y-4)=0 (the equation is factored) We know y is equal to four and not -12 because both number are positive. Now we solve for x: x-4=8 x=12 Therefore, your two number are 12 and 4.

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What is the formula for figuring percentage?

X as a percentage of Y = 100*X/Y.

What is the formula to work out percentages?

To calculate X, as a percentage of Y, divide (100*X) by Y.

How do find the y intercept?

Substitute x=0 into a y=mx+b formula (with b filled in) and solve for y

What is six eighths in a percentage how did you get it?

By formula, x/y*100 = Percentage. 6/8*100 = 75% ie) The formula for percentile value is x/y *100 where X is the part of y for which percentage needs to be known, and Y is our standard. eg) What percent is is 3 of 8. 3 is our 'x' of which value needs to be known, 8, or 'Y' is our standard. 3/8*100 = 37.5%

How do you Solve the formula y equals mx plus b for M?

the answer is: (y-b)/x = m y = mx + b y - b = mx (y-b)/x = m

What is the formula for changing a numbers into a percentage?

To find x as a percentage of y: percent = 100x/y. Eg 17 as a percentage of 68 = 1700/68 = 25.

What variable is used for y intercept?

you make x=0 and solve for y. for the x intercept you do y=0 and solve for x

How do you solve y equals mx plus b formula in math?

It depends on what you are trying to solve for. Here is a solution for x... y = mx + b y - b = mx (y - b) / m = x Note: If m is zero, then there is no solution, because the line is horizontal

The vertex of this parabola is at (-2, -3) When the x-value is -1, the?

Y=a(x-h)+k is the vertex formula. Since the vertex is at (-2,-3) this parabola has the equation: y=a(x+2)^2-3 We can plug in x=-1 but we really need to know a, to solve for y. ( we can solve it, but we will have an a in the solution)

How do you solve the formula ax plus by equals c for y?

multiply a by x then add the product of c and y. Your answer would be, based on the value of a,x,c,y, like + cy = ??

How do you calculate x as a percentage of y?

x as a percentage of y = x/y * 100% divide x by y then multiply by 100%

Y equals b plus x plus x2?

y=b+x+x^2 This is a quadratic equation. The graph is a parabola. The quadratic equation formula or factoring can be used to solve this.