Is stiffness dependent on length

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Yes, it is.

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Q: Is stiffness dependent on length
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How do you plot concentration against length in a graph?

It depends on which variable is independent, and which one is dependent (its value is determined by a function of the independent variable). So suppose that concentration is a function of an arbitrary length (the length is what determines concentration). The independent variable (length) is put on the horizontal axis, and the dependent variable (concentration) is put on the vertical axis.

What is the independent variable?

Any variable can be the independent variable. It depends partly on what the dependent variable is, partly on the relationship you are examining. For example, if looking at age and length of children's feet, foot length would be considered the dependent variable. But if looking at foot length and shoe size, then foot length would be the independent variable.

How do you find the radius of a circle if you know the length of a chord is 4 cm length?

Unless the chord is the diameter, there is no way to measure the radius of the circle. This is because the radius is in no way dependent on chord length since circles have infinite amount of chord lengths.

What are the three fundamental dimensions used in Physics?

Length, mass, and time are the three fundamental dimensions on which the measurement of all physical quantities is dependent.

Is bending stiffness for corrugated board applicable for single wall only?

Bending stiffness and Edge crush test values of corrugated board can be correlated to Box crush test values. The Box crush test is one of the values directly used by the engineers in the industry for shipping requirements. SO THIS: "bending stiffness is a basic property of corrugated board it is not limited to single ply or double ply" Bending stiffness is measured using either 2 point, 3 point or 4 point bending stiffness measurement method.

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If the length of a spring is halved the stiffness becomes?

If the length of a spring is halved, the stiffness remains the same. Stiffness of a spring is determined by its material and construction, not by its length. Cutting the length in half does not change the material properties that govern stiffness.

What is the Flexural stiffness?

The flexural stiffness of a structural beam (E*I/L) is represented as the product of the modulus of elasticity (E) and the second moment of area (I) divided by the length (L) of the member.

How Stiffness of spring measure?

it the ratio of load applied on the displacement of spring.. stiffness=load/change in length.

What routine helps overcome soreness and stiffness and returns muscles to the resting length?


Is inches a dependent or indepndent variable?

Inches is a unit of length or distance. Any measurement of length may be dependent, or independent, depending on the specific situation.

Is an antennas length dependent on the frequency used?


What is the length of a diagram?

The length of a diagram is dependent on that specific diagram. All diagrams are different in size.

Hydrogen bond length will NOT be?

dependent on donor and acceptor atoms

For a light wave what is the color of the wave directly dependent on?


What factors affect the frequency of an oscillation?

The frequency of an oscillation is affected by the stiffness of the system (higher stiffness leads to higher frequency), the mass of the object (heavier objects oscillate at lower frequencies), and the length of the pendulum or spring (longer length leads to lower frequency). Friction and damping also affect the frequency by slowing down the oscillations.

Can length mean the same as height dependent on the context?

Yes. Length of a ship is from front to back. But length of a sail on a ship is from top to bottom. Similar with the length of a wardrobe.

If length of spring is halved spring constant becomes?

The spring constant remains the same regardless of the length of the spring. It is a physical property of the spring material and design, representing its stiffness. Cutting the length of the spring in half will not change its spring constant.