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Here is an example: x + 5 = 5

If you subtract five from both sides, you get x = 0, which is an example of getting 0 as a solution for an equation.

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Q: What is an example of 0 as a solution for an equation?
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How is it possible get no solution for an answer when solving an equation?

Some operations cannot be done. For example, if we take the equation x=2/0, there is no result, because division by 0 is not defined.

What is the solution to the equation 0 equals r?

r=0 is the solution...

What does it mean if an equation is simplified to 0 0 do all problems have exactly one solution?

An equation that is simplified to 0 0 is called a perfect equation. It usually have exactly one solution.

What is the solution to the equation 0 equals 3m - 3m - 7?

The equation 3m - 3m - 7 = 0, simplifies to -7 = 0 this means that the the solution is no solution, since -7 doesn't equal 0.

What are the compex roots in mathematics?

The complex roots of an equation is any solution to that equation which cannot be expressed in terms of real numbers. For example, the equation 0 = x² + 5 does not have any solution in real numbers. But in complex numbers, it has solutions.

Does an equation always have one solution?

Only a linear equation in one variable x , which is an equation of the form ax + b = 0, (where a is different than 0), has only one solution. The solution is: x = -b/a

How do you know when equation has no solution?

By definition, an equation has a solution. The word comes from "equal". Some mathematical problems do not have solutions. For example, 1/0 = X is a problem with no solution. You know, in this example that there is no solution because of the "divide by zero" rule. Most insoluble problems are insoluble because of some rule that keeps you from moving ahead.

Which equation has y4 as solution?

The simplest equation would be y4 = 0

Can 0 be the solution of an equation?

Yes, zero can and is the solution of many equations.

Why the equation x 9 0 has no solution?

Because without an equality sign it can not be considered to be an equation and therefore has no solution.

What is an equation that has a solution of y7.0?

y - 7.0 = 0 is one possible equation.

Why division by zero is not defined?

Division is the inverse of multiplication. For example, x = 1 / 0 is equivalent to solving the equation x times 0 = 1. Since x times 0 is always zero, for any value of x, the equation has no solution.