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Q: What is the btu capacity per foot of hot water baseboard?
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What BTU will one foot of three quarter inch fin tube baseboard hydronic heater produce with 100 degree f water entering?

Most output ranging from 560 to 600 btuh per foot, this is with 170 F water temps. I have no way to know your specifics from where I am.

How many BTUs in a 6 ft baseboard heater?

The number of BTUs in a 6 ft baseboard heater would depend on the model and specifications of the heater. On average, a 6 ft baseboard heater can generate around 1,000-1,500 BTUs per linear foot, so a 6 ft baseboard heater may produce approximately 6,000-9,000 BTUs.

What size furnace for 2000 square foot house?

2000 sq. ft. x 5o (based on climate zone)=100,000 btus so; between 80k-100k(100,000 Btu's needed) 80% Efficient furnace: 125,000 Btu capacity; 90% Efficient:110,000 Btu capacity; 95% Efficient: 105,000 Btu capacity.go here.

How do you determine how large of baseboard heat I need in addition?

Calculate the heat loss in btu`s of the new addition at design indoor& outdoor temps for your area, baseboard strips are rated in btu`s for given lengths. Match the length with the loss.

How many BTU per square feet on baseboard heat?

You need 100W per square meter. 100W equals around 341.3BTU. 1 square meter are around 10.7 square feet. You therefore need around 32 BTU per square foot.

Convert 32 BTU to foot pounds?

32 BTU = 24,901.416 foot-pounds.

How many BTU needed for a room with 240 square foot?

usually 20 btu's per square foot so......12000 btu's should do fine

BTU in cubic foot of natural gas?

Ther are 1,050 BTU in one cubic foot of natural gas.

Is BTU the same as BTU per sq ft?

No, BTU refers to British Thermal Units, a measure of energy. BTU per sq ft, on the other hand, specifies the amount of energy per square foot in a particular area. It is a measure of energy efficiency or heating capacity in relation to the size of a space.

How many BTU's required to raise 500 cubic feet 250 degrees?

7,803,495 BTU's Assuming it's water that's being heated and the temperature is Fahrenheit: 500*250*62.42796 (<the weight of one cubic foot of water)= 7,803,495 BTU's

How many BTU are required to heat 5 pounds of water 2 degrees F?

To calculate the heat required to raise the temperature of water, you can use the formula: Q = m * c * ΔT, where Q is the heat energy, m is the mass of water, c is the specific heat capacity of water, and ΔT is the change in temperature. For 5 pounds of water, you'd convert that to approximately 2268 grams. The specific heat capacity of water is 4.186 J/g°C. Considering the conversion factor for BTU to J (1 BTU = 1055.06 J), you'd then convert the result to BTU, which comes out to approximately 1.53 BTU.

Five pounds sea water at 32F are heated until the temperature reaches 212F what will be the amount of BTU required?

To calculate the amount of BTU required to heat the sea water from 32F to 212F, you can use the specific heat capacity of water (1 BTU/lb°F). The change in temperature is 212F - 32F = 180F. So, the amount of BTU required would be 5 lbs * 180°F * 1 BTU/lb°F = 900 BTU.