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A bar graph of frequency against category, value or range of values is the best method.

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Q: How can we quickly order data and at the same time reveal the distribution shape?
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How can you quickly order data and at the same time reveal the distribution shape?

Use a stem and leaf plot

What information must you know in order to completely specify the shape of a normal distribution?

the mean and the standard deviation

What shape describes a poisson distribution?

A skewed bell shape.

What describes the shape of a distribution which is approximately normal?

A "bell" shape.

How does the shape of the normal distribution differ from the shapes of the uniform and exponential distributions?

the normal distribution is a bell shape and expeonential is rectangular

What is the expected shape of the distribution of the sample mean?

The distribution of the sample mean is bell-shaped or is a normal distribution.

What is the shape of a z-score distribution?

The standard normal distribution or the Gaussian distribution with mean 0 and variance 1.

A distribution with a shape that is symmetrical around the mean with a bell shape is described as?

The distribution described is a normal distribution. It is characterized by a symmetric bell-shaped curve where the mean, median, and mode are all equal and located at the center of the distribution.

The shape of the F distribution is?

skewed right.

Which shape describes a Poisson distribution?


What is the shape of each distribution in a data set?

The distributions can have any shape that you like.

What is the shape of this distribution?

A company is studying the number of daily debit card purchases. If there were 20 purchases and the probability of a debit card purchase is 0.5 What is the shape of this distribution