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Q: How do you solve 2x squared - 36x by using a quadratic formula?
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Solve a2 plus 30a plus 56 equals 0?

a2+30a+56=0 , solve for a Using the quadratic formula, you will find that: a=-2 , a=-28

Can you solve a quadratic equation without factoring?

using the quadratic formula or the graphics calculator. Yes, you can do it another way, by using a new method, called Diagonal Sum Method, that can quickly and directly give the 2 roots, without having to factor the equation. This method is fast, convenient and is applicable to any quadratic equation in standard form ax^2 +bx + c = 0, whenever it can be factored. It requires fewer permutations than the factoring method does, especially when the constants a, b, and c are large numbers. If this method fails to get answer, then consequently, the quadratic formula must be used to solve the given equation. It is a trial-and-error method, same as the factoring method, that usually takes fewer than 3 trials to solve any quadratic equation. See book titled:" New methods for solving quadratic equations and inequalities" (Trafford Publishing 2009)

Can all quadratics be solved by completing the square?

Completing the square is one method for solving a quadratic equation. A quadratic equation can also be solved by factoring, using the square roots or quadratic formula. Solving quadratic equations by completing the square will always work when solving quadratic equations-You can also use division or even simply take a GCF, set the quantities( ) equal to zero, and subtract or add to solve for the variable

What is the formula of 10 using by the quadratic equation?

It is x^2 - 20x + 100 = 0.

What is the volume of a cube with a surface area of 42cm squared?

This should be solved in two steps. 1) Use the formula for the area of a cube, and solve for the length of a side of the cube. 2) Using this length, it is easy to find out the volume, with the formula for the volume of a cube.

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X plus 5 squared plus x - 2 squared 37 solve using the quadratic formula?

You can't because it is not a quadratic equation.

How do you solve 0 equals x squared minus ten x plus 16?

Solve using the quadratic formula

How do you solve x squared minus ten x plus six equals zero?

It can be solved by using the quadratic equation formula.

How do I solve x squared plus 9x plus 14 0?

If you mean: x squared+9x+14 = 0 then by using the quadratic equation formula x = -2 or x = -7

How do you solve this equation to the nearest hundredth x squared -7x -12 equals 0?

Using the quadratic equation formula: x = 8.42 or x = -1.42

What is x when x squared -3x 10?

Unfortunately, the equal sign gets lost in the title. Anyway, you can solve this type of equation using the quadratic formula.

How do you formulate quadratic equation that can be solve by extracting square roots?

By using the quadratic equation formula

Solve this quadratic equation using the quadratic formula?

For any quadratic ax2 + bx + c = 0 we can find x by using the quadratic formulae: the quadratic formula is... [-b +- sqrt(b2 - 4(a)(c)) ] / 2a

How do you solve 0 equals x squared plus x - 15?

x2+x-15 = 0 Using the quadratic equation formula: x = 3.405124838 or x = -4.405124838

Why use quadratic formula?

Using the quadratic formula to solve any quadratic equation is the best way of getting around it because the quadratic formula is "the opposite of b plus or minus the square root of b squared minus 4ac all divided by 2a. This formula only works with trinomials and second degree equaitons. If the equation is a binomial, then put in a placeholer (0) and substitute them into the equation.

How do you solve quadratic?

First you factorise it. Then you cancel out the common terms.

What is a solution of a quadratic?

A quadratic function is ax2+bx+c You can solve for x by using the quadratic formula, which, as the formula requires the use of square roots, would be tricky to put here.