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Since 1.5litres is 1,500 mL , dividing this by 50mL means there would be 30 bottles.

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Q: How many 50mL bottles does it take to fill a 1.5L bottle?
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How many 50ml bottles can you get from a 1.75 liter bottle?

35 bottles.

How many 50ml measures are there in a 70cl bottle?

There are 14 measures in a 70cl bottle. 70cl = 700ml 700ml divided by 50ml = 14

How many bottles needed to bottle 15 gallons of wine?

With 15 gal of wine you will be able to fill 75 bottles (750ml) Cheers:)

How many shots in a whisky bottle?

A shot is 50ml and a bottle is typically 750ml, so about 15.

How many states sell 50ml bottles of liquor?

Any state that sells liquer should sell the 50ml bottles, they usually come as gifts with certain deals (for example I bought Jack Daniels the other night 1.75L, and got a 50ml henessy {sp} with it).

How many 50ml shots in a 1 liter bottle?

Twenty - since there are 1000ml in a litre.

How many 16.9 ounce bottles in a 5 gal bottle?

There are 37.86 16.9 ounce bottles in a 5 gallon bottle.

Two ounces of cough medicine will fill 1 12 medicine bottles How many bottles will 12 ounces of cough medicine fill?

2 ounce of cough medicine will fill 1and1/2 medicine bottles. How many bottles will 12 ounces of cough medicine fill

How many .15 ml bottles will 32 oz fill?

32 UK fl oz will fill 6061 such bottles. 32 US fl oz will fill 6309 such bottles.

I need to fill 200 ml bottles from 30 liter drum of fertilizer How many 200 ml botles i need?

How many 200 ml bottles

How many bottles fill 2.5 liters of water?

The number of bottles used to fill 2.5 liters of water will depend on the size of the bottles. You will need 5 half-liter bottles to fill 2.5 liters of water.

How many bottles do you use for a bottle rocket?

You need 17 bottles. Thank you for your cooperation.

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