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Q: How many combinations can you make using numbers 1 through to 10 each with three different numbers?
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How many number combinations are possible with three numbers?

If the numbers can be repeated and the numbers are 0-9 then there are 1000 different combinations.

What are the combinations of 1 through 10 with out using them twice?

There is 1 combination of all ten numbers, 10 combinations of one number and of nine numbers, 45 combinations of two or eight numbers, 120 combinations of three or seven numbers, 210 combinations of four or six numbers and 252 combinations of five numbers. That is 1023 = 210 - 1 in total.

How many combinations for 3 numbers?

Three numbers can be arranged in 27 different sequences if repetition is allowed, and in 6 different sequences if it's not.

What are the different combinations of three digit numbers using 0-9?


How many different 4 digit combinations are there for numbers 1 2 3 (assuming all three numbers are used and no numbers can be repeated more than once) (For example, 1233 is acceptable, but 1133 is not.)?

NOT AN ANSWER:More acceptable combinations:1231 3213 2321More unacceptable combinations:1112 2222 3113Thanks.

How many different 6 digit combinations can be made from 10 numbers if you can repeat a number?

There are just 5,005.There are 10C6 = 210 combinations with 6 different numbers.There are 10C5 = 252 combinations with 5 different numbers. One of these needs to be duplicated and the one to be duplicated can be chosen in 5 ways so there are 1260 of these.There are 10C4 = 210 combinations with 4 different numbers. Either one of them appears three times or two are doubled. That can be done in 10 ways so there are 2,100 of these.There are 10C3 = 120 combinations with 3 different numbers. Either one of them appears 4 times, or one twice and another three times, or all three appear twice. That can be done in 10 ways so there are 1,200 of these.There are 10C2 = 45 combinations with 2 different numbers. Either one of them appears 5 times, or one twice and another four times, or both three times. That can be done in 5 ways so there are 225 of these.There are 10C1 = 10 combinations with just 1 number repeated six times.Add these together.

What three numbers add up to 865?

Multitudes of what context? Prime numbers or what?

What three numbers when multiplied give you 600?

20,3,10 or 12,5,10 there are many combinations of numbers

How many different combinations can be made with three items?

6 different combinations can be made with 3 items

How many combinations can you make with three numbers?

You can make 6 combinations with 3 numbers. They are: 123 213 312 132 231 321 * * * * * NO! Those are permutations! In combitorials, the order does not matter so that the combination 123 is the same as the combination 132 etc. So all of the above comprise just 1 combination. With three numbers you can have 1 combination of three numbers (as discussed above), 3 combinations of 2 numbers (12, 13 and 23) 3 combinations of 1 number (1, 2 and 3) In all, with n numbers you can have 2n - 1 combinations. Or, if you allow the null combination (that consisting of no numbers) you have 2n combinations.

How many different three digit number combinations can be made with 0-9 with no repeat numbers when order of the number does not matter?


How many combinations of three digits can be made from the numbers 123?