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There are 900 6-digit palindromes.

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Q: How many palindromes have 6 digits?
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How many different palindromes are there with 6 digits?

For there to be palindromes, each digit must be replicated. Therefore there are at most three distinct digits.If there are 3 pairs of different digits, then there are 6 palindromes. If there can be more duplicate digits, then there are 27 palindromes.

How many palindromes are there from 100 to 159?


How many positive four-digit integer palindromes have 12 as the sum of the digits of the munber?


What are some 6 letter palindromes?

Some 6 letter palindromes you may like:RedderHannah

How many digits are there in 2hundredthousand?

6 digits

How many three-digit palindromes can you make using only the digits 1 and 2?

111, 121, 222, 212

How many ten digit palindromes are there?

90000. With 10 digit palindromes, the last 5 digits are the same as the first 5 digits in reverse, eg 12345 54321. So it comes down to how many 5 digit numbers are there? They are the numbers "10000" to "99999", a total of 99999 - 10000 + 1 = 90000.

How many digits is there in a million?


What is the maximum number of 6-letter palindromes?

26 * 26 * 26 palindromes

How many digits in 123567?

approxamately 6 digits

How many different three-digit palindromes can you make using only the digits 1 and 2?

111, 121, 212, 222

How many different three digit palindromes can you make using only the digits 1and 2?

There are two possible digits for the first and last digit, and two possible digits for the centre digit, making 2 × 2 = 4 possible 3 digit palindromes from the set {1, 2}, namely the set {111, 121, 212, 222}.

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