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Let its sides be x and use the formula: 0.5*(x squared-3x) = 230

So: x squared-3x-460 = 0

Solving the quadratic equation gives x positive value of 23

Therefore the polygon has 23 sides irrespective of it being a regular or an irregular polygon.

Check: 0.5*(23^2-(3*23)) = 230 diagonals

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Q: How many sides does an irregular polygon have when it has 230 diagonals showing work?
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What regular polygon has 27 diagonals?

It has 9 sides and it can be an regular or a irregular polygon which is called a nonagon Check: 0.5*(81-27) = 27 diagonals

How many sides does an irregular polygon have if it has 135 diagonals?

Let the number of sides be x and by solving the equation for diagonals 0.5(x*x-3x) = 135 the solution is -15 or 18 and so therefore it has 18 sides irrespective if it is an irregular or a regular polygon

104 diagonals polygon?

A polygon that has 104 diagonals will have 16 sides

How many diagonals are there in a polygon of 11 sides?

how many diagonals are there iin a polygon of 11 sides

How many diagonals does a polygon with 3 sides have?

That polygon is called a "triangle". It has no diagonals.

What type of polygon has 20 diagonals?

A regular octogon (8 sides) has 20 diagonals. An irregular octogon also has 20 diagonals, but only if all its points point outwards.

How many sides are there in the polygon if the number of diagonals is twice as the number of sides?

A 7 sided polygon has 14 diagonals

The number of diagonals that can be drawn in a polygon with n sides can be determined by nn - 32 How many diagonals can be drawn in a polygon with 10 sides?

38 diagonals

How many diagonals are in a polygon with 14 sides?

There are 77 diagonals

What polygon has twice as many diagonals as sides?

An heptagon has 7 sides and 14 diagonals

Which polygon has number of sides is equal to the number of diagonals?

The five sided Polygon has 5 diagonals

How many sides does an irregular polygon have if it has 252 diagonals showing work?

Let its sides be x and rearrange the diagonal formula into a quadratic equation:- So: 0.5(x^2-3x) = 252 Then: x^2-3n-504 = 0 Solving the quadratic equation: gives x a positive value of 24 Therefore the polygon has 24 sides irrespective of it being irregular or regular

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