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At most -80 (negative 80).

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Q: The sum of two integers is at most -57 one integer is 23 what is the other integer?
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The product of 2 integers is 90. if one of the integers is -5 then the other is?

The other integer is -18 because -5 times -18 = 90

What are the two positive integers that have a product of 98 where one integer is twice the other?

The integers are 14 and 7.

The sum of two integers with different sings is 8?

Choose any integer. Let's call it "n". Then subtract 8 - n, to get the other integer. (For the two integers to have different signs, one of the integers must be greater than 8, the other will be negative.)

What happens when you add sutract multiply and divide integers?

When you add, subtract, or multiply integers, you get integers. When you divide one integer by another one, you may or may not get an integer.

The product of two consecutive integers is 156?

Yes, the integers are 12 and 13.

If the difference between two positive integers is 36 one integer is three times as great as the other find the integers?

Suppose one of the integers is x. Then the other is x+36 x+36 = 3x so 2x = 36 so x = 18 and then the other integer is x+36 = 54. Answer: 18 and 54

Two positive integers have a product of 98 one integer is twice the other?

The two integers are 7 and 14. 7 x 14 = 98.

Are irrational numbers always integers?

No. An irrational number is one that is not a rational number. A rational number is once that equals one integer divided by another. So an irrational number cannot be represented by one integer divided by another integer, so it cannot be an integer!

When you have one positive integer combined with one negative integer what do you get?

You get another integer that will take the sign from the larger of the two integers that were combined.

The sum of two positive Integer is 108 one integer is three times as great as the other. find the integes?

The sum of two positive integers is positive

One integer is four times another The sum of the integers is 5 What is the value of the lesser integer?

Let's denote the unknown integer as "x". So now we have two integers, "x" and "4x" because one integer is 4 times the other. So the sum of x+4x= 5x 5x = 5 So x=1

What is the rule in dividing integers?

The rule in dividing integers is to divide the absolute values. Two positive integers or two negative integers equals positive product. If one integer is positive and the other is negative, the product is negative.