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Is sometimes possible, but not always.

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Q: To write a polynomial as the product of 1 monomial factors and 2 prime factors with at least two terms?
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Polynomial as the product of one monomial factor and prime factors with at least two terms?


Polynomial whose greatest monomial factor is 1?

Any polynomial in which there are at least two co-prime coefficients will have 1 as the greatest monomial factor.

How do you find the least common multiple of a monomial?

It's the same process as composite numbers. Factor them. Combine the factors, eliminating duplicates. If they have no common factors, the LCM is their product.

What is the least common multiple of the monomial 21w?

You need at least two terms to find an LCM.

What is the least degree a polynomial could have with an imaginary root with a multiplicity of three?

Since the question did not specify a rational polynomial, the answer is a polynomial of degree 3.

What is the least product for the factors 1 to 6?

The LCM for 1,2,3,4,5,6 is 60.

The polynomial given below has rootss?

You forgot to copy the polynomial. However, the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra states that every polynomial has at least one root, if complex roots are allowed. If a polynomial has only real coefficients, and it it of odd degree, it will also have at least one real solution.

How many times can you write the product 100 using two factors?

At least two.

Are factors and facts the same?

No. Factors combine in multiplication to create a product.

When does the least common multiple of two numbers equal their product?

When there are no common factors other than 1.

How can you determine from the prime factorization whether the least common multiple of two numbers is the product of the numbers?

If the prime factorizations have no factors in common, the LCM is the product of them.

What is the least common multiple of the monomial a 3s and s2?

The LCM of 3s and s^2 is 3s^2