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There is no specific name: you just call it a number with 2 or more digits or a multi-digit number.

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Q: What is it called when you have a number that has more than one digit?
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What is a number than more than one digit called?

We call them by the number of their digits. Two-digit number, three-digit number and so on.

What is A number with more than one digit is called?

We generally refer to them by the number of digits. Two-digit number, three-digit number, etc.

What is a number more than two digit called?

There is no specific name.

What is a number with more than one digit?

A double digit number, triple digit number........

What number am I My tens digit is the lowest even number my hundreds digit is six more than my tens digit and my one digit is one more than my tens digit my thousands digit is the second odd number?

It is 3823.

What is a multiple digit number?

That means that the number has more than one digit.

What is a multi-digit number?

That refers to a number that has more than one digit.

What four digit number has digit 1 three less than digit 4 which is one more than digit 2 which is twice digit 3 which is not a prime number and is more than 13 of digit 4?

6849 and 0213

You are a 3 digit number my hunreds digit is 8 les than your tens digit my tens digit is 5 more than your ones digit what number are you?


You are a three digit number. Your hundreds digit is eight less than your tens digit. Your tens digit is five more than your ones digit. What number are you?

194.There were actually two options, 194 and 083, but as it needs to be a three digit number, 194 is more fitting.

What is a 5 digit number 4 more than the greatest 4 digit number?


What is a two digit number that has a tens digit that is 8 more than the ones digit?