What is secx?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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secx is the inverse of cosx. secx=1/cosx.

A secant is also a line drawn through the graph that touches two points on a function.

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Q: What is secx?
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What is the integral of tan cubed x secx dx?

This is a trigonometric integration using trig identities. S tanX^3 secX dX S tanX^2 secX tanX dX S (secX^2 -1) secX tanX dX u = secX du = secX tanX S ( u^2 - 1) du 1/3secX^3 - secX + C

Intergrate sec x?

Sec x dx = sec x (secx + tanx)/ (secx + tanx) dx . therefore the answer is ln |secx + tanx|

Integration by parts of x tanx?

XtanX dx formula uv - int v du u = x du = dx dv = tanX dx v = ln(secX) x ln(secX) - int ln(secx) dx = X ln(secx) - x ln(secx) - x + C -----------------------------------------

What is the integral of 1 by secx plus cosx?

It isn't clear what you mean with "by". Are you multiplying 1 by secx, or perhaps dividing? Also, is the multiplication (or division) only by sec x, or by the sum of secx + cos x?

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How many solutions of secx equals 2?

Infinitely many.

How do you Prove sin x times sec x equals tan x?

sinx*secx ( secx= 1/cos ) sinx*(1/cosx) sinx/cosx=tanx tanx=tanx

What is integral of SECx?

ln |sec x + tan x| + C

What is the integral of tanx times sqrt secx dx?

See related link below for answer

If secx = -3 and x lies in quadrant ll find tan x/2?


Parenthesis 1 plus tanx end parenthesis divided by sinx equals cscx plus secx?

(1 + tanx)/sinxMultiply by sinx/sinxsinx + tanxsinxDivide by sin2x (1/sin2x) = cscxcscx + tan(x)csc(x)tanx = sinx/cosx and cscx = 1/sinxcscx + (sinx/cosx)(1/sinx)sinx cancels outcscx + 1/cosx1/cosx = secxcscx + secx

How would you find possible values for theta if SECx equals 5pie divided by 4?