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-k = -1*k, so the coefficient is minus 1

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2011-08-04 11:12:54
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Q: What is the coefficient of k in -k?
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What does k mean in algebra?

The coefficient

What is the coefficient of the variable in the expression 18k?


Is 6k a variable?

k is a variable, 6 is a coefficient.

What is the thermal expansion coefficient of ammonia?

0.00245 1/k

What is the answer to k plus 9k?

The implied coefficient in front of ' K ' = 1 so, 1K + 9K = 10K ----------

What is the Heat transfer coefficient for stainless steel?

25 W/m2*K

Does solids expand when heated?

Yes, they do. The phenomenon is called thermal expansion. Every substance has a "coefficient of expansion" figured out via experiment. The coefficient is used in the following way. change in length = original length * change in Temperature (K) * coefficient of linear expansion change in volume = original volume * change in Temperature (K) * coefficient of volume expansion The coefficient of volume expansion is three times the coefficient of linear expansion. The unit for the coefficient is "per degree" (this makes more sense when you use it in an equation)

What is strength coefficient?

Stress-strain power curve coefficient, K, numerically equal to the extrapolated value of true stress at a true strain of 1.00.

What is the heat transfer coefficient for carbon steel?

5-10 w/m2 k

What is the coefficient of volume expansion of ethyl alcohol?

It's 0,00109 /°C or 0,0011 /K

What is Modulation index formula in Frequency modulation?

mf=(K*Am)/fm where K: is a proprtionality coefficient Am: is amplitude of the message fm=frequency of modulation

What is the coefficient of thermal expansion of aluminium in kelvin?

3.9 E-3 degrees k^-1

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