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Q: What is the expression with the logarithm Log 4 plus Log 3?
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Natural Logarithm?

log base 3 of x = lnx

Which logarithm is equivalent to log base 3 16 - log base 3 2?

log316 - log32 = log38

Is it possible for a logarithm to equal a negative number?

Yes. The logarithm of 1 is zero; the logarithm of any number less than one is negative. For example, in base 10, log(0.1) = -1, log(0.01) = -2, log(0.001) = -3, etc.

What is the common logarithm of 0.072?

Log 0.072 =log 72/1000 =log (8)(9)/10*3 Log(2)*

Is 3 plus 3 plus 3 plus 3 a numerical or variable expression?

It is a numerical expression.

3 to the power of x equals 18 what does x equal?

3x = 18Take the logarithm of each side:x log(3) = log(18)Divide each side by log(3):x = log(18) / log(3) = 1.25527 / 0.47712x = 2.63093 (rounded)

What is the pH of an aqueous solution with a H plus concentration of 1 X 10-3 M?

3: The negative of the logarithm (base 10) of the concentration. The logarithm of 1 is 0 and the logarithm of 10-3 is -3; the logarithm of their product is the sum of their individual logarithms, -3 in this instance, and the negative of -3 is +3.

What is log base 3 of (x plus 1) log base 2 of (x-1)?

The browser which is used for posting questions is almost totally useless for mathematical questions since it blocks most symbols.I am assuming that your question is about log base 3 of (x plus 1) plus log base 2 of (x-1).{log[(x + 1)^log2} + {log[(x - 1)^log3}/log(3^log2) where all the logs are to the same base - whichever you want. The denominator can also be written as log(3^log2)This can be simplified (?) to log{[(x + 1)^log2*(x - 1)^log3}/log(3^log2).As mentioned above, the expression can be to any base and so the expression becomesin base 2: log{[(x + 1)*(x - 1)^log3}/log(3) andin base 3: log{[(x + 1)^log2*(x - 1)}/log(2)

What is the full form of LOG?

1) Log file (file extension) 2) Logistical 3) Logistics 4) Logarithm 5) Lamb of God

Algebraic expression for a plus 3?

a + 3

What is log w log x 3 log x as the logarithm of a single quantity?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by WA means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "equals" etc.

What is the answer to (2a plus 3)?

It is the expression 3 + 2a.

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