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32 cm

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Q: What is the perimeter of a rectangle with 2Cm length and 14Cm width?
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The perimeter of a rectangle is 16 times the width the length is 12cm more than the width what are the length and width of the rectangle?

length 14cm, width 2cm This is worked out by finding the following equations: perimeter = 16 x width length = width + 12 Then working out 16 x width = 2 x (width + 12) + 2 x width -> 14 x width = 2 x (width + 12) -> 14 x width = 2 x width + 24 -> 12 x width = 24 -> width = 2cm Since lendth = width + 12, length = 14cm

What is the perimeter of 7cm by 6cm?

Assuming that this is a rectangle, you know that the length (longer side) would be 7cm, and the width (shorter side) would be 6cm. The formula for perimeter is, 2(length) + 2(width) = Perimeter Now we can plug in our numbers, 2(7cm) + 2(6cm) = 14cm + 12cm = 26cm The perimeter would be 26cm, assuming that this is a rectangle ^^

The length of a rectangle is twice its width If the perimeter is 84cm what are the dimensions of the rectangle?

Let the length be 2x and the width be x: Perimeter = 2(2x+x) = 84 4x+2x = 84 6x = 84 Divide both sides of the equation by 6 to find the value of x: x = 14 Therefore: length = 28cm and width = 14cm

If a rectangle was 5 cm in length and 2cm in width what would be the perimeter?

A rectangle has 2 sides and 2 widths5 x 2 = 102 x 2 = 410 + 4 = 14cm

What is the area of a rectangle where the length is 7 cm and the width is 2 cm?


What is the width of a rectangle with the length of 14cm and area 161cm squared?

Width = 161/14 = 11.5 cm

What is the area of a rectangle that has a length of 14cm and width of 6.5cm?

the area of a rectangal is defined as A=LxW if L=14cm and W=6.5cm A= 14x6.5 A= 91

What can the width and length be of a rectangle with a perimeter of 14cm?

There are a few possibilities:if the length was 5cm then two lengths = 10cmthat leaves 4cm (14cm - 10cm) for the two sides, each side would be 2cm.if the length was 4cm then two lengths = 8cmthat leaves 6cm (14cm - 8cm) for the two sides = each side would be 3cmBy making the lengths different sizes you can calculate the length of the corresponding sides.

What is the width of a rectangle with lenght 14cm and area 161cm?

To find the answer you would do 161 divided by 14 because width plus length equals area. You just do the problem backwards. the answer ends up being width=11.5cm

What is the perimeter of a square with SIDS of 3.5 cm?

The perimeter of a square with a side measuring 3.5cm is 14cm. A square has four sides of equal length. Therefore, the perimeter is 3.5 + 3.5 + 3.5 + 3.5 = 14cm.

What is the volume of a rectangle prism measured at 16 length height of 8cm and width of 14cm?

Vol = L * H * W = 16 * 8 * 14 = 1792 cm3

What is the area of a rectengle 14cm by 12cm?

The area of EVERY rectangle is the product of (length) times (width).Knowing that, you can now find the area of not only that particular rectangle,but also every rectangle you ever encounter for the rest of your life.Man, you are empowered !