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9x2 - 6xy + y2 - 81 = (3x - y)2 - 81 (since the first three terms make a perfect square

= (3x - y - 9)(3x - y + 9) since the expression now is a difference of two squares.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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(3x - y - 9)(3x - y + 9)

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Q: How do you factor 9x2-6xy plus y2-81?
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What is the other factor of 2a2 plus 5a plus 12?

The other factor is 1.

Factor out the greatest common factor 45m3 plus 15m2 plus 10m?


How factor 2x plus 12x plus 28?

Factor 2x plus 12x plus 28 is (x - 3)(x - 9)

Factor of a square plus 4ab plus 4bsquare?

(a + 2b)(a + 2b)

How do you factor 16x2 plus 24x plus 9?

factor the trinomial 16x^2+24x+9

How do you factor a plus b plus 4?

a + b + 4 is in its simplest form.

How do you factor x2 plus 15x-1?

You can't factor it

Does this have a factor x2-8x plus 6?

That does not factor neatly.

How do you factor x cubed plus 9x squared plus 2x plus 18?

Since the problem has 4 terms, first you factor x cubed plus 9x squared, then you factor 2x plus 18. So when you factor the first two term, you would get x sqaured (x plus 9). Then when you factor the last two terms and you get 2 (x plus 9). Ypure final answer would be (x squared plus 2)(x plus 9)

Factor X2 plus 6X plus 4?

Not factorable

Can you factor x squared plus 4x plus 2?


Factor x2 plus 7x plus 10?


How can you factor x squared plus 5x plus?

x2 + 5x + not really sure what that extra plus is for... this is the most you can factor it... x(x + 5)

How do you factor x2 plus 12xp plus 36p2?

Factor x2 plus 12xp plus 36p2 is (x+6p)(x+6p).

What is the common factor of 2x plus 2y?

The common factor is 2.

What is the factor of the polynomial of 2t3 plus 4t2 plus 8x?

The only factor is 2. 2*(t3 + 2t2 + 4x)

What is a prime factor of two w squared plus four w plus two?

Two is a prime factor of that equation.

Factor x2 plus 10 plus 28?


Factor completely 12n2 plus 8n?

12n2 plus 8n?

What is y2 plus 8x plus 7 factored?

This is not factor-able.

How do you factor 15 plus 5x?

You can factor a five out of 15 plus 5x. Therefore, 15 plus 5x factors out to 5(3+x). Hope it helps :)

How do you factor x plus 0.25x?

That equals 1.25x. There's nothing to factor.

How do you Factor 8a plus 1?

8a + 1 is in its simplest form and does not factor.

Factor out the Greatest Common Factor of 4a plus 8?

The greatest common factor (GCF) is 4.

How do you factor ab plus 2a plus 3b plus 6?

(a + 3)( b + 2)