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33.501 + x = 35.5566*sqrt(1 - x^2)Square both sides: 1122.317001 + 67.002x + x^2 = 1264.27180356(1 - x^2)


1265.27180356x^2 + 67.002x -141.95480256 = 0

and then, using the quadratic equation, x = -0.3625 or x = 0.3095, approx.

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If you mean: 33.501+x = 35.5566*sq rt of (1)-x squared

Then using the quadratic equation formula: x = -2.018420232 or x = 1.018420232

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Q: How do you solve 33 point 501 plus X equals 35 point 5566 times sqrt parentheses 1 minus x to the power of 2 endparentheses?
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