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(2, 11)

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Q: Which point lies on the line described by the equation y minus 8 equals 3x plus 3?
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Which point lies on the line described by the equation y plus 8 equals 4x - 5?

(5, -8)

How can you solve the equation y minus two point nine equals five point three?

Add 2.9 to both sides. y = 8.2

What is the point-slope equation of the line with a slope equals -4 and a point of -2 3?

Which of the following is the point-slope equation of the line with a slope equals -4 and a point of -2 3?

What is 3X equals y minus 1?

It's the equation of a straight line with a slope of -3, that crosses the y-axis at y= -1 . Every point on the line is a solution to the equation. There are an infinite number of them.

What are the coordinates of 9x-4y equals 0?

There are infinitely many ordered pairs - each pair representing a different point on the infinite line described by the equation.

What is the equation of the line perpendicular to y equals 3x minus 7 that contains points 6 and 8?

In the Cartesian plane, each point has two coordinates. Point 6 and point 8 are not sufficiently uniquely defined.

What is the straight line equation passing through the point -2 -3 and perpendicular to the line 4x plus 3y minus 5 equals 0?

3x-4y-6 = 0

How do you find the exact value of the gradient of the curve with equation y equals 1 divide by 4 minus x2 at the point where x equals 1 over 2?

You find the gradient of the curve using differentiation. The answer is 0.07111... (repeating).

How do you write the point-slope form of an equation of the line described?

No line described, but here is the point slope form. Y - Y1 = m(X - X1) =============

What is the point of intersection of the lines 5x plus 7y plus 29 equals 0 and 11x minus 3y minus 65 equals 0?

(4, -7)

What is the linear equation of x equals -4 and y equals -1 over 3?

A linear equation is the equation of a line and that consists of an infnite number of points. What you have, in x = -4 and y = -1/3, is a single point. A single point is not a line and so there cannot be a linear equation (suitable for a line) to represent a point.

What point is on the line y x 2?

Thanks to the limitations of the browser, it is not possible to read the equation of the line. Perhaps you could use words - such as "plus", "minus" and "equals" rather than the symbols and resubmit.

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