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If you are talking about slope-intercept form, you just need to isolate the y.

y = 5x - 15

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Q: What the answer to 5x-y equals 15?
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Is 5xy plus 4 equals 9 linear or nonlinear?


Is 5xy plus 2x plus 1 equals 0 a quadratic equation?


What is the GCF of 5xy?

You need at least two terms to find a GCF.

What does 5xy-xy equal?


What is the reciprocal of 5xy over 7a?

It is: 7a/5xy

Factoring x2 plus 5xy-18y2?

x2 + 5xy - 18y2 can not be factored.

What is 5xy - x2t plus 2xy plus 3x2t?

What is : 5xy- x2t + 2xy + 3x2t

How do you solve 5xy plus 7xsquared - 12y when x equals 2 y equals 1?

In the given expression you replace x by 2 and y by 1. Thus 5xy + 7x2 - 12y = 5*x*y + 7*x2 - 12*y = 5*2*1 + 7*22 - 12*1 = 10 + 28 - 12 = 26

Factor this trinomial x2 5xy-18y2?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "times", "equals", "squared". In this question there is no symbol before 5xy.

What is the simplified equation in simplified form for 5xy-4?


What is the numerical coefficient of in 5xy?

It is: 5

5xy plus 4 equals 9 is linear equation?

5xy+4=9 is the problem, right? 5xy+4=9. Now subtract the 4 from both sides. 5xy=5. Ok, then, that looks less scary. Now, divide both sides by 5, to get xy=1. Hmm, a lot simpler. Now, divide both sides by x to get y by itself. So, y=1/x. Alright. That's your line! No, its not a straight line. There is a vertical asymptote where x=0, and the two segments aren't straight. But that's a simpler form of the equation. Hope that helped!