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more expensive , less expensive ,less time consuming and greater accuracy

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Q: What are the advantage of sampling over complete enumeration?
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What is total enumeration in research?

there are two types of data collection: 1. complete/total sampling- all members of the population are measured 2. partial sampling- a proportion of members of the whole population is measured. total enumeration is preferred for certain types of data. it has a high level of accuracy and provides a complete statistical coverage over space and time.

What advantage does chorionic villi sampling have over amniocentesis?


What are the different advantages of Sampling?

Advantages of Sampling:; Sampling has some advantages over the complete count. These are: ... Sometimes there is a need for sampling. Suppose we want to inspect the eggs, the bullets, the missiles and the tires of some firm.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of systematic sampling in statistics?

Hi, 1.The main advantage of Systematic sampling over simple random sampling is its simplicity. It allows the researchers to add a degree of system or process into the random selection of subjects. 2.Another advantage of systematic random sampling over simple random sampling is the assurance that the population will be evenly sampled. Disadvantage The process of selection can interact with a hidden periodic trait within the population.

What is the advantage of sampling analog signal?

1-What are the advantages of sampling analog signals?2-what are the following terms mean : instantaneous Sampling , Natural Sampling , and Flat-top Sampling ?3- what are the advantages of digital communication over analog communication ?4-Explain the reason for making the sampling frequency greater than or equal to (2B)Hz , where B is the bandwidth of the analog signal

What is difference Iterator and Enumeration?

1.Iterator has remove method while enumeration doesn't have it. 2.Iterator is new in Java API but Enumeration is older one. 3. Iterator extends functionality of Enumeration. 4. Iterator is more secure and safe as compared to Enumeration because it does not allow other thread to modify the collection object while some thread is iterating over it and throws ConcurrentModificationException.

What is the difference between quota and stratified sampling?

The main difference between the quota and stratified sampling is that in the stratified sampling the researcher can not select the individuals to be included in the sample (he doesn't have control over who will be in the simple), but in the quota sampling the researcher has control over who will be in the sample (he can contact certain people and include them in the sample).

Sampling error refers to?

Sampling error occurs when the sampling protocol does not produce a representative sample. It may be that the sampling technique over represented a certain portion of the population, causing sample bias in the final study population.

Advantages and disadvantages of sampling over population census?


Why is sampling preferred over census?

Less time and less cost for a sample

Advantages of census over sample survey?

It is more accurate, unbiased and includes every item in the population, whereas sampling may be biased, and sampling is not totally representative.

The distribution of sample means consists of?

A set of probabilities over the sampling distribution of the mean.

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