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It would be: 2x+4 = 19

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Q: How would you write an algebraic equation twice a number plus 4 is 19?
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How would you write this as an algebraic equation the quotient of a number with three is six less than twice the number?


What is twice a number plus 27 in an algebraic expression?

Let's call "a number" x. Twice that number would be 2x, and then add 27, so the expression would be 2x + 27.

Why would you want to simplify an algebraic equation?

Simplifying an equation often helps solve it.

What is the algebraic expression for 6 less than twice a number is 4?

The corresponding expression would be 2x - 6 = 4.

What is the product of a number w and 3?

Expressed as an algebraic equation, this would equal 3w.

How would you get the variable alone in the equation 4y3?

As it appears, there is no equation but an algebraic term.

Why does or what is the significance of m equals slope in algebraic equations?

Without m in the algebraic equation the line would have no steepness.

Is 7 plus 4 equals 11 an algebraic equation?

No, it is an arithmetic equation. There are no variables involved, only numeric constants and, as a result, most people would not consider it algebraic.

What is the focus of an equation?

It is the equality sign that makes it an equation because without the equality sign it would be an algebraic expression.

How would you write in Algebraic expression three more than twice?


How would you write this in an algebraic equation five times the number is six more than three times the number?

It would look like: 5x = 3x+6 and the value of x works our as 3

What is 50 equals 6d plus 8?

That is an algebraic equation. If you are asking what the solution is for the above equation, it would be:d = 7

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