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yes because if you want to open a shop you will need to know maths or if you want to be a doctor you MUST be good at maths and english you can get better each day

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โˆ™ 2017-03-29 17:10:53
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Q: Is maths more important than english?
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Is English more important then mathematics?

yes today English is more important than maths.

Why is English more important than maths?

It is not. Look at the millions of people across the world who do not speak English but are still doing maths.

Why is maths more important than English?

In this case, it's nots.

Why commercial maths is more important than geometry?

I disagree with your proposition.

Why is English better than maths and what is your opinion?

because there is no mathematical terms in English and maths tends to suck anyway

Are math and English more important than music and art?

You need maths to pay your bills. You need English to write and communicate. You need both to get a decent job. Music and art are more like hobbies than actual life skills. Maths and English are crucial to your survival in the big world outside education. Music and art can be studied if you plan to go into one of those areas as a career choice. Either way, you still need maths and English.

What will you give more important to learning English language?

What's more important than learning English is understanding why you need a language (not necessarily English).

Is Maths better than English?

Because it is easier

Why is maths better than English?

Maths isn't 'better' than English. It depends on what you want to do. Both subjects are useful but if you wanted to become a journalist you wouldn't always need maths. The same goes for most subjects, it just depends on what you are into and what you want to do.

What is the most important subject beside maths?

Could change from person to person. There is no one subject more important than another because everyone is different. Thought it is true that maths is important. You need to know you basic mathamatics aswel as basic english. If you dont know these then there is a high chance that you will not get too good a job. (Not saying that it is'nt possible, just not common)

What is relationship between Maths and Geography?

The difference of maths and geography is maths is more better than geography

Is English more important than math?

yes. without english, we could'nt learn or understand math. Are numbers and variables more important than words? Who decided this? Does algebra move you to tears? Do vectors evoke powerful emotions? Can calculus express the feelings in your heart?! If you don't learn English, you'll never learn to breath! English can persuade. English can entertain...English can kill * * * * * What utter rubbish! There are millions of people across the world who do not speak English but are perfectly capable of learning and understanding maths. And interestingly the original answer, presumably written by someone who believes (s)he knows English, contains errors!

Why is English better than maths?

It isn't. This is only a matter of opinion.

Can there be more than 1 mode in maths?


What is additional math?

you have to pick Maths for GCSE's but you can also pick additional maths which is just more maths than normal eg you may have 5 peroids of maths a week but with additional maths you may have 9 peroids of Maths a week

What is the use of maths in business?

well it dipends what job you have eg.chemistry and acounting they both need maths. They also need better English than the above answer.

What is the English national orchestra?

There are many English national orchestras. No one English orchestra is more important than another in the grand scheme of things.

Is there a science sats test in 2011?

Yes, there will be science tests in 2011 on the 13th of May. However there is more presure on children to do better in Reading, Maths and English than in Science.

English is the most important language in the world?

English is the most important language in the world mainly because it is used in business. For a while, more people spoke Chinese than English, however, the value of business done in English was far greater than the economy of China making English far more important. French is the de jure language of the European Union. English is the de facto language. English is the de facto language of world wide business.

What is a gm in math?

Probably a gram. More physics than maths, but ...

Is 750 milliliters more than 0.5 liters in maths?

Is 750 larger than 500 .

How do you say i like french more than maths?

J'aime la fran

How is maths better than chemistry?


Skiing takes more skill than swimming?

It's all about opinion's and what people are good at. E.g. some people are good at maths, others english. Hope this helps x

Farmers are more important than doctors?

Yes, farmers are more important than doctors. Also, teachers are more important than accountants, and travel agents are more important than life coaches. Take notes, there will be a test.