Is English more important than math?

Updated: 5/30/2023
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yes. without english, we could'nt learn or understand math.

Are numbers and variables more important than words? Who decided this? Does algebra move you to tears? Do vectors evoke powerful emotions? Can calculus express the feelings in your heart?! If you don't learn English, you'll never learn to breath!

English can persuade. English can entertain...English can kill

* * * * *

What utter rubbish! There are millions of people across the world who do not speak English but are perfectly capable of learning and understanding maths. And interestingly the original answer, presumably written by someone who believes (s)he knows English, contains errors!

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yes because if you want to open a shop you will need to know maths or if you want to be a doctor you MUST be good at maths and english you can get better each day

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Harold Samuels

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You can also get better at maths every day

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Zanae Laster

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yes. because u wouln,t be able to read math problems and u cant pernounce proper languege u wouldnt know how to write a proper math story now bye

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Q: Is English more important than math?
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Is math more important than reading and writting?

yeah math will take you anywhere in live

What is important about 1467 in math?

1467 is no more or less important than most numbers.

Is English more important then mathematics?

yes today English is more important than maths.

Is math more important than reading and writing?

i think they are both as important, in there own ways.

What will you give more important to learning English language?

What's more important than learning English is understanding why you need a language (not necessarily English).

Why is maths and English more important than music and science?

i think because: first, English is the most known language nowadays and is used frequently (our communication is an example) second, because without math you can't do many other stuff including science. many things in science need math. music is not that important because its more like a hobby. science is also important but as i said before without math many things in science can't be done! that's my opinion! :)

Is it possible for a mathematics major to do well in engineering?

Highly possible, math is more important than writing.

Is math or writing better?

Math and writing are almost as equally important. If you go to a job, such as construction working, math will be very important. If you were to be some kind of speaker or author, writing will be important. Math may be used more than writing, but they are about equal. If you are asking which one is better, though, it would be your opinion.

Why is math easier than English?

English is easier than math math is difficult because of all the steps algebra letters like find x and long list of numbers to find

In math what does more than?

The mathematical symbol for "more than" is >.

Can mathematics survive without English?

Certainly. Math is much older than English.

What math courses are needed for an English degree?

Some schools will give the student a choice between a math or laboratory science. If the institution does require a math, it would typically be a lower level, and not more than a college algebra.