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x = 6

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Q: Solve this equation -3x plus 14 equals -4?
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How do you solve 14 equals 18 plus y?

U can subtract 18 from each side of the equation.

Can you solve for b in the equation 12 equals negative 4 over 2 plus b?

b = 14

What is the equation of 3d plus 14 equals 11?

3d + 14 = 11 is the equation.

How do you solve 19 equals a plus 5?

A is 14

Solve the equation for x plus 37 equals 98?

why will the equations x+14=37 and x-14=37 have different solutions for x

What should be added to both sides of this equation to solve for the variable18 plus y equals 32?

18+y=32 y=14

How do you solve this equation 19 equals f plus 5?

19 = f + 5 Subtract 5 from both sides: 14 = f

What should be added to both sides of this equation to solve for the variable s plus -10 equals 14?

10 which gives s a value of 24

What should be added to both sides of this equation to solve for the variable x plus 14 equals -12?


Solve 4r plus 6 equals 14?

9y subtract 11 equals 7

How do you solve 3X plus 6 equals x plus 20?

balance the equation 3x-x=20-6 3x-x=2x 20-6=14 2x=14 x=7

How do you solve the equation x-2 equals 14?

x-2 = 14 x = 14+2 x = 16

Is 5b plus 14 an equation?

No unfortunately this is not an equation. An equation must end with an equals sign. 5b + 14 is simply two terms.

What is the answer to X if 7x plus 3y equals 14?

It is not possible to solve one equation in two unknowns (x and y). Two independent equations are required.

What is the variable in this equation 7y plus 10 equals -6 plus 14?

y is the variable

Solve for x 6x plus 2 equals 14?

The answer is x = 2.

In the equation R plus 14 equals 39 what is the value of R?


What is the solution to the equation -14 plus x equals 5?

x = 19

What is the value of j in the equation j plus j plus 14 equals 3j plus 10?


14 plus x 21 solve for x?

The letter X in the equation 14 plus X21 would be 2.5. this is a math problem.

What best describes the following equation 3x plus 14 equals 3x plus 24?


3 is a solution for the equation x plus 11 equals 14?

Yes, 3+11=14

What is the solution set for the equation y2 plus 14y equals 0?

(0, -14)

In the equation r plus 14 equals 39 what is the value of 4?

r = 25

What would q equal if the equation is q plus 14 equals 99?