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Q: What are three possible outcomes to a two system equation?
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How many possible outcomes of tossing three coins?

There are 23 = 8 possible outcomes.

How do you draw a table of three teams with three possible outcomes?

With considerable difficulty since there are a lot more than 3 possible outcomes.

What are 2 possible outcomes of competition?

Three possible outcomes:WinLooseDraw

How many outcomes are possible if a six sided cube is tossed three times?

18 outcomes

How do you do a probability?

Number of useful outcomes over number of possible outcomes and simplify it if you can. Imagine you want an even number and you roll a die. There are 6 possible outcomes and three of them are useful outcomes (outcomes we want). 3 6 Simplify it and you get 1 2

If you flip a coin 2 times how many possible outcomes are there How many combinations?

Four outcomes, three combinations.

If there are three coins and each is flipped once how many possible outcomes are there?

There are two outcomes for each coin and three coins; 2 x 2 x 2 = 23 = 8 outcomes.

What are possible outcomes if you roll three dice?

C(8,3) = 56

How many possible outcomes if each coin is flipped once?

We use three coins (quarter, nickel, dime) each are flipped only once. We get 8 possible outcomes (or four outcomes as an alternative).

A possible result of an experiment?

when you toss a coin three times, the total number of possible outcomes is

A sweater comes in 3 sizes and 6 colors what is the number of possible outcomes?

The number of outcomes depends on what the experiment is! If the variable of interest is the size, there are just three outcomes. If the variable of interest is price, then there is not enough information to determine the possible outcomes.

If you have 3 fair casino dice and throw all three at the same time each time how many different outcomes are possible?

6 outcomes for each die and so 6x6x6 outcomes for all three