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There are 23 = 8 possible outcomes.

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Q: How many possible outcomes of tossing three coins?
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How many possible outcomes when tossing 3 coins?

three heads two head, one tails one heads, two tails three tails

How do you find the sample space of tossing 3 coins?

You find the sample space by enumerating all of the possible outcomes. The sample space for three coins is [TTT, TTH, THT, THH, HTT, HTH, HHT, HHH].

If there are three coins and each is flipped once how many possible outcomes are there?

There are two outcomes for each coin and three coins; 2 x 2 x 2 = 23 = 8 outcomes.

How many possible outcomes would there be if three coins were each tossed onces?

Eight of them.

How many possible outcomes would be if three coins were tossed once?

There are eight (8).

How many possible outcomes if each coin is flipped once?

We use three coins (quarter, nickel, dime) each are flipped only once. We get 8 possible outcomes (or four outcomes as an alternative).

How many outcomes are possible if you toss n coins?

There are three possibilities, Heads, Tails and stand on edge

What is the probability of a head in tossing three coins?


How many possible outcomes would there be if three coins were tossed up three times?

9, you just have to multiply for problems like this

The are more outcomes when tossing three coins than when rolling a number cube?

Only if you're counting order. If you call a head then a tail different from a tail and then a head then there are 8 outcomes from the coins; otherwise there are only 4. And clearly a number cube can have anywhere from 1 to 6 outcomes, depending on whether the same number appears multiple times.

How many outcomes are there for tossing an odd number on a number cube?

there are three distinct outcomes1,3or5. But there is no probability which will come.

How many outcomes are there in an experiment consisting of rolling three dice followed by a tossing coin once?


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