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n=number x 1 and n2 is n x n

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Q: What is the difference with n and n squared?
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What is n squared minus n?

n squared minus n

What must you multiply n squared to get n cubed?

n squared x n n x n x n = n cubed n x n = n squared n squared x n = n cubed

What are the multiples of n 2?

If that's n squared, the multiples are n squared, 2 n squared, 3 n squared and so on. If that's n + 2, the multiples are n + 2, 2n + 4, 3n + 6 and so on.

What does N squared mean?

It means N times N. 3 squared is 9.

How do you mathematically express x equals n squared where it repeats until n equals 0 eg for n equals 4 x equals n squared plus n-1 squared plus n-2 squared plus n-3 squared?

Simple equation lad. In your example, you said n=4 and x= n squared + n - 1 + (n-2)squared + (n-3)squared. You simply write n²+n-1+(n-2)²+(n-3)² I hope that is what you mean by what you say. P.S. To get the to the power of sign, hold alt and press 0178 for ², and 0179 for ³

What Is the 3 times the difference of a number squared and 82?

Let n be the number. Then it's 3(n2 - 82).

How do you do n squared plus n?


How do you add n squared plus n squared?

n2 + n2 = 2 n2

What does this mean n squared by 3?

n^3 mean a number Squared by 3

What is the difference between 5 squared and 7 squared?

7 squared is 49 and 5 squared is 25. So the difference is 49-25=24

What is the the difference of 10 squared and 9 squared?


Is the variance of a group of scores the same as the sum of the squared deviations or the average of the squared deviations?

Given a set of n scores, the variance is sum of the squared deviation divided by n or n-1. We divide by n for the population and n-1 for the sample.