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Q: Which value represents the x-coordinate of the vertex in the equation y xsquared 6x - 2?
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Which equation represents a graph with a vertex at (1,-6?


Is x2 plus 8 a function?

x2+8= y This equation represents a function. It will be a parabola with the vertex at (0,8). You can easily graph this on a graphing calculator or from prior knowledge. You know the basic graph of y=x2 with vertex (0,0) and opens upwards on the y-axis. From the equation, you simply shift the vertex vertically up 8 so the new vertex is (0,8) This represents a function because for every x value there is one y value.

What is the equation for vertex form?

The vertex form for a quadratic equation is y=a(x-h)^2+k.

What is the vertex of the equation y equals 2x-1?


What is the equation of vertex in parabola?


What is the y-coordinate of the vertex of the parabola that is given by the equation below?

We will be able to identify the answer if we have the equation. We can only check on the coordinates from the given vertex.

What is the vertex of y equals x-3 plus 2?

The equation is linear and so has no vertex.

What is the equation of a parabola with the vertex of 2 -1?


What is the maximum or minimum of a quadratic equation called?

The vertex.

A parabola has a vertex at -3 -2 what is its equation?


Which equation represents yx2-10x 30 in vertex form?

Assume the expression is: y = x² - 10x + 30 Complete the squares to get: y = x² - 10x + 25 + 30 - 25 = (x - 5)² + 5 So the expression is in vertex form y = (x - h)² + k

How do you write y equals x minus 4 x plus 2 in vertex form and find the vertex?

The given equation is y = x - 4x + 2 which can be written as y = -3x + 2 This is an equation of a straight line. Therefore it has no vertex and so cannot be written in vertex form.