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2y2 - 2y - 24 has the factors (2y + 6) and (y - 4)

There is a formula, but I always use trial and error.

The factors of the non-x element need to be such that they can be added to give the middle element.

So when you get 24, then you need to be looking at 2,12 - 3,8 - 4,6

When both the second and third element are minus values then there is a plus and a minus in the factors.

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Q: How do you factorise the quadratic equation 2y squared - 2y -24?
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How do you factorise 18x squared-21x-72?

3(6x2-7x-24) by dividing all the terms by 3

Explain a Quadratic equation and how to solve it?

A quadratic equation is any equation that can be expressed as ax2 + bx + c = 0.Note that the a, b and c are specified, x is the only unknown.Example:x2 - 10x - 24 = 0a, b, c are the coefficients of each term.Now x2 appears not to have a coefficient, but remember x2 is the same thing as 1x2 so the coefficient is 1. So a = 1.The second term has a coefficient of -10 because it has a minus, not plus sign in front of it so b = -10.Likewise for c, the third term. C = -24.So you have your terms.There are two popular ways of solving this.You can factorise the equation, or use the Quadratic Formula.I prefer to use the Quadratic Formula, as it is very straightforward, you just need to practise it.The quadratic formula is x = (-b±√(b2-4ac))/2a

Who can solve the quadratic equation 2x squared plus 8x minus 2 equals 22?

2x+8x-2=22 10x-2=22 10x+2=+2 10x=24 10/10=24/10 x=2.4

What are the factors for the quadratic equation x2 plus 5xMinus24?

x2+5x-24 = (x-3)(x+8)

What is the factorization of 2x2-6X plus 24?

There are no solutions to this quadratic equation because the discriminant is less than zero.

Is it possible to find the inverse equation of y equals x squared plus 5x minus 6?

Perhaps, using the Quadratic Equation...y=x2+5x-6Solve for x:x2+5x+(-6-y)=0Using the Quadratic Equation:x = .5 *(-5 (+-) (25 + (24+4y)).5) = -2.5 (+-) .5*(49+4y).5Substitute y for x, x for y:y = -2.5 (+-) .5*(49+4x).5

How do you factorise 24-36x?

24-36x =12(2-3x)

What is an equation you can get 24 with by using the number 6 4 and 3 no exponents may be used you may only add subtract multiply or divide please help?

Quadratic equation

X squared minus 5x minus 24?

The equation x2 - 5x - 24 = 0 has the two solutions 8 and -3 for x.

What is the quadratic expression for 108x2-102x plus 24?

108x2-102x+24 Simplified by dividing all terms by 6: 18x2-17x+4 When factorised: (9x-4)(2x-1) With a question like this using the quadratic equation formula will help.

What is x squared-4x plus 24 factored?

I am lazy, so I use the quadratic equation if I can not factor easily by inspection. X^2 - 4X + 24 = 0 X = -b +/- sqrt(b^2-4a)/2a a = 1 b = -4 c = 24 -(-4) +/- sqrt[(-4)^2 - 4(1)(24)]/2(1) looks bad already. let us try discriminant b^2 -4ac 16 -96 this equation has no real solution

Factorise a a plus 10a plus 24?

(a + 6)(a + 4)