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The "degree" is the highest power - in this case, the 3 in 4x3 (4 times to the third power).

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2009-10-14 20:48:01
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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What degree polynomial equation is 4x3 plus 7x2 - 4x equals 0?
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Why is a degree 1 polynomial equation ax plus by equals 0 called a linear equation?

A linear equation is one which represents a straight line. When drawn (y plotted against x), a degree 1 polynomial produces a straight line.

Why is one degree polynomial equation ax plus by plus c equals 0 called lenear equation?

Yes. This is because the rate of change is equal to a (i.e. the slope is a). a never changes, so its linear.

State the degree of the polynomial equation x to the 5th power plus 7x cubed minus 30x equals 0?

For the equation: x5+7x3-30x=0 The highest exponent in the entire equation is 5 (from x5), so the equation is of degree 5.

What is the degree of this polynomial 3x2 - 4x plus 9?

The degree of this polynomial is 2.

What degree is the polynomial 35-6x2 plus 7x3 plus 5x?

7X^3 Third degree polynomial.

What kind of polynomial is this 2x5 plus 2x4 plus 2x plus 1?

A fifth degree polynomial.

What is the polynomial for x2 plus 11x plus 30?

The actual equation itself is the polynomial. There is no polynomial for it, and your question doesn't really make sense.

What is the degree of the polynomial 4a plus 2?

degree 1

What is the degree if this polynomial 3x² - 4x plus 9?

3x² - 4x + 9 is a polynomial of degree 2.

What is the degree of the polynomial in the expression x5 plus 1 - 3x4 plus 3x9 - 2x?

The x^5 at the beginning makes the degree of the polynomial 5.

What is the degree of 4x6-2x3 plus x-3 plus x3?

The degree of a polynomial is merely the value of the highest power in the polynomial. In this case, the degree is 6 because of 4x6.

What is the degree of the given polynomial 5x3y2 plus 9x3y4?

Degree 7

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