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If the area is 221 square units and the width is 17 units then the length will be 13 units because 17*13 = 221 square units.

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Q: What dimension equals area of rectangle equals 221 width equals 17?
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What is length times width equal?

length times width equals the area of a rectangle. length times width equals the area of a rectangle. area

What is the measure of the missing dimension for a rectangle that a-108cm2 w equals 12 cm?

Area = 108cm2 Width = 12cm Length = 9cm

How do you find the length of a rectangle when the width and area are provided?

For a rectangle, area equals length times width. To find the length given the width and area, divide the area by the width.

What is the area of a rectangle that its perimeter is 39?

156 It is impossible to calculate the area of a rectangle from its perimeter if no other dimension is known. The area of a rectangle is the product of its length and width, and the perimeter is twice the sum of its length and width.

What is length multiplied by width?

I beleve that is the formula for finding the area of a rectangle or squareLength*Width equals area for rectangles. LxW=Area of a rectangle.

What is the relationship between length and width of a rectangle with an area of 24m?

Length times width equals area

What is the dimension if the width is 25 and length is 50?

If it is a rectangle, the the dimension of Area [Distance²] is (Length) x (Width).So if the the length and width do not have units, then just say 'it is 50 units long' then the area is 1250 units²

What equals the length times the width of a rectangle?

the area of that rectangle a08Deevic88 Join Me At

Find the dimension of a rectangle with the least perimeter and the area fo 30 cm?

rectangle with 10" length and 2x-4 width 60" area

The formula for the area of a rectangle with length equals b and width equals h is A equals?

A = bh (multiply length x width).

Why area of rectangle is lbh?

I assume lbh in the question means length, base (or width) and height. Those three dimensions multiplied together calculate the volume, not the area, of the figure for cubic dimension. The area is calculated by multiplying the length and the width for squared dimension. In simpler terms; Area of rectangle is lw; Volume is lwh.

What is the area of a rectangle width equals 2x - 5 length equals 4?

Width = 2x - 5Length = 4Area = (length) x (width) = 8x - 20