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a^(2)- 2ab - 15b^(2)

When the first term has a coefficient of '1' (a^(2)), then look at the third term.

It is '15'. So we need two numbers that multiply to '15' and 'add/subtract'to '2'.

They are 3. & 5.

So writing up our brackets

( a 5b)(a 3b)

Which signs???

We note from the quadraic , that '15' is negative(-) . So the brackets need one positive(+) and one negative(-)

Since the middle term is also negative(-) , then the larger numerical number takes the negative.


( a - 5b)(a + 3b)


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a2 - 2ab - 15b2 = (a - 5b)*(a + 3b)

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Q: What is a2 - 2ab - 15b2 factored completely?
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I'm going to assume a few things... 1.) the 2s after a letter are 2 2.) this is addition, because it's easier for me and if you wanted another operation, you should have stated so. 2a2b+a2+5ab+3ab2+b2+2a2b+2ab 4ab+a2+5ab+3b2a+b2+4ab+2ab 15ab+3b2a+a2+b2

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perfect trinomial square?? it has the form: a2 + 2ab + b2

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