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x2-4x-21 = 0 => x = -3 or x = 7

x2-3x-18 = 0 => x = -3 or x = 6

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Can you complete the square factor and use the quadratic formula to solve these two equations x2-4x-21 equals 0 and x2-3x-18 equals 0?
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What is the formula for quadratic equations?

The Quadratic Formula song: (my grade saver) To the tune of the jack in the box song X equals negative B plus or minus square root of B squared minus 4AC all over 2A :)

What is 9x2 equals 10x plus 2?

It is a quadratic equation and its solutions can be found by using the quadratic equation formula.

Use the quadratic formula to solve the quadratic equations xx-8x-4 equals 0?

x^2 -8x-4=0 x=[8±√(64+16)]/2 x=(8±4√5)/2 x=4±2√5

What is y equals -02 equals x squared plus x plus 4?

Two equations: a linear one in y and a quadratic in x.

What does quadratic equations using the factoring method means?

It means you are required to "solve" a quadratic equation by factorising the quadratic equation into two binomial expressions. Solving means to find the value(s) of the variable for which the expression equals zero.

What is x2 x equals 12 using the quadratic formula?

If: x2+x = 12 Then: x2+x-12 = 0 And using the quadratic formula: x = -4 or x = 3

What are some hard math equations that equals 7?

How about finding the solutions of the quadratic equation: x^2-14x+49 = 0

How do you solve x squared minus 10x plus 29 equals zero?

Use the quadratic formula, with a = 1, b = -10, c = 29.Use the quadratic formula, with a = 1, b = -10, c = 29.Use the quadratic formula, with a = 1, b = -10, c = 29.Use the quadratic formula, with a = 1, b = -10, c = 29.

What is the quadratic formula for x2 - 2x - 3 equals 0?

(x - 3)(x + 1)

What is Xsquared equals -8x plus 15 using the quadratic formula?

X= 1.567764363, -9.567764363

Can 5x2 plus 2x-4 equals 2x2 be solved using the quadratic formula?


Solve this quadratic equation x2 plus 2x - 22 equals 0?

Using the quadratic equation formula:- x = 3.795831523 or x = -5.795831523

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