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Q: What is the y coordinate on a line with equation y 4x 5 when x 8?
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What is the slope of a line perpendicular to the line with equation y 4x 5?

If you mean: y = 4x+5 then the perpendicular slope is -1/4

What is a line parallel to y equals -4x plus 5?

The equation of such a line is [ Y = -4x plus any number].

What is the equation of the line with slope of 7 and containing the point 8 and 5?

If the slope is 7 and the coordinate is (8, 5) then the straight line equation is y=7x-51

What is the equation of the line parallel to y equals 4x-5 that crosses the y-axis at plus 3?

It is: y = 4x+3

Which point lies on the line described by the equation y plus 8 equals 4x - 5?

(5, -8)

What points are on the line given by the equation y equals 5x?

Any point on the line is a solution to the equation, and any solution to the equation is a point on the line. Ie any point where the y coordinate is 5 times the x coordinate will be on the line; for example the points (0, 0), (1, 5), (2, 10), (-1, -5), (-2, -10) all lines on the line y = 5x.

In the slope- intersect equation of a line which part of the equation gives the y coordinate of the point where the line crosses the y axis?

As for example in the equation: y = 2x+5 the slope is 2 and the y intercept is 5

Which equation is best represented by a line containing the ponts 2 -5 and 4 3?

It is a straight line equation and its solution is worked out as follows:- Points: (2, -5) and (4, 3) Slope: (-5-3)/(2-4) = 4 Equation: y--5 = 4(x-2) => y = 4x-8-5 => y = 4x-13 Equation: y-3 = 4(x-4) => y = 4x-16+3 => y = 4x-13 So in slope-intercept form: y = 4x-13 whereas 4 is the slope and -13 is the y intercept

How do you find the vertex of the parabola associated with a quadratic equation?

You must first solve the equation for x, find the midpoint between the two x coordinates and substitute it into the equation to find the y coordinate I.E. If your equation was y=x^2+4x-5 1. Factorise the Equation and solve for x. x^2+4x-5 = (x+5)(x-1) So x+5=0 x = 0 - 5 x=-5 And x-1=0 x = 0 + 1 x = 1 So x = -5,1 Find the mid point/average: (-5+1)/2 = -2 So the x coordinate of the vertex is -2. Substitute this into the equation x^2+4x-5: (-2)^2 + 4*(-2) - 5 = 4 - 8 - 5 = -9 So the Coordinate of the vertex is (-2,-9). Hope this Helps, message me if you want more info.

What is 3y equals 4x plus 15?

this is an equation of a line. it has a slope of 4/3 and a y-intercept of 5

What is the coordinate pair to y equals 2x plus 5?

There are infinitely many coordinate pairs - the coordinates of each point on the infinite line defined by the equation.

What is the slope of every line perpendicular to the graph of this equation 4x plus 5y equals 7?

4x+5y = 7 5y = -4x+7 y = -4/5x+7/5 in slope intercept form So the slope of the perpendicular line is plus 5/4