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It's speed - which is 90 Km/h

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Q: What quantity can you calculate if you know that a car travels 30 kilometers in 20 minutes?
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Suppose a jet travels 60 kilometers in 5 minutes .How many kilometers will it travel in 2 hours?

If a jet travels 60 Kilometers in 5 Minutes Then it can be travel 7200 KiLoMeTERS IN Two HourS

A taxi starts from Monument Circle and travels 5 kilometers to the east for 5 minutes. Then it travels 10 kilometers to the south for 10 minutes. The taxi is moving with reference to . For each leg of?


A bus traveling 8 kilometers every 5 minutes travels how many kilometers per hour?

Hint: There are 60 minutes in an hour...

Suppose a jet travels 60 kilometers in 5 minutes. How many kilometers will it travel in 6 hours?

It is 409764

A plane travels 575 kilometer for 50 minutes how far it can travel for 1 hour?

If we divide 575 kilometers by 50 minutes we can find how fast the plane travels per minute.575/50 = 11.5We know the plane travels 575 in 50 minutes, but we need to know how far it travels in 60 minutes. Knowing that it travels 11.5 kilometers per minute, we can multiply that by 10 and add it to 575.11.5*10=115115 + 575 = 690 km

How far does a horse travel if it gallops at 25 kilometers per hour for 30 minutes?

If a horse travels at 25 kilometers per hour for a half hour (30 minutes), it will travel 12.5 kilometers.

A car travels 30 kilometers in 20 minutes what is the speed of the car?

90 kilometres per hour.

What is the velocity of a bicycle if it travels 1 kilometer west in 4.1 minutes?

14.634 kilometers per hour.

If a bike travels 203 kilometers in 4 hours and 48 minutes how many kilometers would that be per hour?

The bike's speed would be 42.3 kilometers per hour.

If a cyclist travels at 16.5 kilometers per hour then how far in meters does he travel in ten minutes?

2750 metres.

If a cyclist travels 10000 meters in 30 minutes what is the the average speed of the bicycle in kilometers per hour?

Hint: 10000 meters = 10 km, 30 minutes = ½ hour... 10,000 meters in 30 minutes = 10 kilometers per 0.5 hour = 20 kilometers per hour

A worm travels a distance of 40m in 20 minutes calculate the avrage speed?

40m in 20 minutes 120m in 60 minutes or 1 hour 0.12km in 1 hour

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