A-b plus a-b plus 2b plus 2a?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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= 4a

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Q: A-b plus a-b plus 2b plus 2a?
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What is ab 2a 3b 6?

ab + 2a + 3b + 6

How do you factorise 4ab?

2a(2b) Would Give You The Answer 4ab. 2x2 = 4 And a x b = ab.

How do you factor ab plus 2a plus 3b plus 6?

(a + 3)( b + 2)

How do you multiplying factors ab-2b plus -2c?


What is the answer to this ab - 2B plus ac -2C?


What does ab 2a 3b 6 equal using factoring by grouping?

so let's group and then factor ab+2a+3b+6= (ab+2a)+(3b+6)= a(b+2)+3(b+2)= (a+3)(b+2) and that is our final answer! Doctor Chuck

What does ab plus ab equals?


How do you show that ab plus ab plus cc equals abc?

If, as is normal, ab represents a times b, etc then ab + ab + cc = 2ab + c2 which is generally not the same as abc.

How many rectangles have the same perimator as area?

Preimeter is a measure of length, area ... well, of area. You can't really compare the perimeter and the area. If both are equal in one unit (like centimeter vs. square centimeter), they won't be equal in another unit (like meters and square meters). Anyway, to be numerically equal, you must solve the equation area = perimeter. Assuming dimensions of a times b, the equation becomes: ab = 2(a+b). Solving for a: ab = 2a + 2b ab - 2a = 2b a(b-2) = 2b a = 2b / (b-2) With this last equation, you can substitute any value for b, and get the corresponding value for a. It seems there are infinitely many solutions.

If ab plus bc equals ac then ac equals ab plus bc?

yes because ab plus bc is ac

Patient is AB plus what kind of platelets can they receive?

AB pos or AB neg

What is A B squared?

A^2-2ab+B^2 is actually (A+B)^2 AB squared is A^2B^2 or (AB)^2