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The measure of angle P is 90 degrees.

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Q: Angle P is a right angle What is the measure of angle P?
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If angle p is a right angle and angle p and q form a linear pair then what angle is q?

Angle q will be less than 90 degrees because a right angle is 90 degrees and the 3 angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees.

How do you solve the hypotenuse of triangle APC if angle P is a right angle?

By using trigonometry or using Pythagoras' theorem for a right angle triangle.

When M is supplemental to an angle whose measure is 125 degrees and P is the complement of an angle whose measure is 70 degrees What is M minus P?

55 - 20 = 35

PF3Cl2 is a nonpolar molecule What is the f-p-f bond angle cl-p-cl angle bond and the f-p-cl angle bond?

the f-p-f bond angle is 120the cl -p-cl bond angle is 180and the f - p - cl bond angle is 90

What measure of angle A will make ABC congruent FDE?

if you read this you smell :p

The measure of the supplement of an angle is 60 less than three times the measure of the complement of the angle Find the measure of the angle?

<p><p> 180-x=3(90-x)-60 180-x=270-3x-60 3x-x=270-180-60 2x=30 x=15

In triangle mnp the measure of angle m is 24 the measure of angle n is five times the measure of angle p find the measure of angle n?

130 Degrees180-24=156So you know that the sum of all the angles is 180, so the sum of the other two angles is 156. You Know that angle p is equal to some number x. And you know the angle n is five times some number x or 5x. You know the sum of the two angles numerically and algebraically.6x=156x=26n=5xn=5(26)n=130

If angle P is three less than twice the measure angle Q angle P and angle Q are supplementary angles what are their measurements?

Assuming the angles are expressed in degrees: P = 2Q -3° (because "angle P is three less than twice the measure angle Q") P + Q = 180° (because they are supplementary angles) P+Q = 2Q - 3° + Q = 3Q -3° = 180° 3Q = 183° Q = 61° P = 2∙61° -3° = 122° - 3° = 119° If the angles are expressed in radians, the math is similar except you start with P = 2Q - 3 and P+Q = π yielding P = 2π/3 -1 and Q = π/3 +1

In the triangle mnp what is the angle included by the sides mp and pn?

angle P

What is the measure of angle BPC in the circle?

The answer will depend on the location of the points B, P and C.

Difference between electrical and mechanical 2 calculate it?

Electrical angle is half of mechanical angle in unipolar electrical machines. In multipolar electrical machines, the relationship between the mechanical angle and electrical angle is Electrical angle = (P/2) x Mechanical angle where: P = Number of poles.

What is the negation of the statement quadrilateral abcd is a paralleogram and it has a right angle?

"abcd is not a parallelogram or it does not have any right angles." ~(P and Q) = ~P or ~Q

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