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Q: How many sides would a polygon have if it contained 170 diagonals?
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How many diagonals does a 20-sides polygon have?

A polygon with n sides had n*(n-3)/2 diagonals. So a 20 sided polygon would have 20*17/3 = 170

Is it possible for a polygon to have 83 diagonals?

If a polygon had 166 sides it would have 83 diagonals as each diagonal must join two vertices.

How many diagonals does a regular polygon have?

For a polygon with n sides, there would be n*(n-3)/2

How many diagonals can you draw from one vetex in a polygon with 35 sides?

It depends if the polygon is convex or concave but if it is a regular polygon it would have 560

How many diagonal can be drawn from a regular hexagon from one vertex?

5 diagonals * * * * * That is not correct since two of these would be lines joining the vertex to adjacent vertices (one on either side). These are sides of the polygon, not diagonals. The number of diagonals from any vertex of a polygon with n sides is n-3.

What regular polygon has 9 diagonals?

A regular octadecagon (an eighteen sided polygon) would have nine diagonals.

How many diagonals are in a 7 sided polygon?

A 4-sided polygon has 2 diagonals. A 5-sided polygon, 5. 6-sided, 9. By induction, an n-sided polygon has 'n*(n-3)/2' diagonals. "n" is how many sides a shape has. so, (7)*(7-3)/2 now we have, 7*4/2 so, 28/2 = 14 Therefore, a 7-sided polygon would have 14 diagonals.

How many diagonals does a 2d decagon have?

54 Diagonals. * * * * * A polygon with n sides has 1/2*n*(n-3) diagonals. So a decagon would have 1/2*10*7 = 35 diagonals. How the Community answer got 54 is anybody's guess!

Can a polygon have exactly 10 diagonals?

No not normally. The formula of the number of diagonals is (n/2)(n - 3). (n/2)(n - 3) = 10 n(n - 3) = 20 n2 - 3n - 20 = 0 we cannot factor it as (n - r1)(n - r2), where r1 and r2 are natural numbers, so there is any polygon with 10 diagonals.

How many diagonals would a 12-sided n-sided figure have?

number of diagonals in an n-sided polygon is n(n-1)/2 - n If the polygon has 12 sides, number of diagonals is 12(12-1)/2 -12 = (12)(11)/2 -12 = 132/2 - 12 = 66-12 = 54

How many diagonals can be drawn from one vertex of a polygon of 50 sides?

47 sides. Take a vertex of an n-sided polygon. There are n-1 other vertices. It is already joined to its 2 neighbours, leaving n-3 other vertices not connected to it. Thus n-3 diagonals can be drawn in from each vertex. For n=50, n-3 = 50-3 = 47 diagonals can be drawn from each vertex. The total number of diagonals in an n-sided polygon would imply n-3 diagonals from each of the n vertices giving n(n-3). However, the diagonal from vertex A to C would be counted twice, once for vertex A and again for vertex C, thus there are half this number of diagonals, namely: number of diagonals in an n-sided polygon = n(n-3)/2.

What has diagonals are congruent and perpendicular to each other?

Any regular polygon with 4n sides, where n is a positive integer.