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How many four digit combinations can be made from the number nine? Example, 1+1+2+5=9.

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Q: How many four digit combinations can be made from the number nine example 1 2 3 39?
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What are all the 4 digit combinations with 0-9?

Method 1: four digit number start after 999 and end at 9999so 4 digit no. = 9999-999 = 9000method 2: - - - - there are four places in 4 digit no. In first place only 1-9 can come , for rest 0-10so total no. = 9*10*10*10=9000* * * * *Wrong!Those are the number of PERMUTATIONS, not combinations. In a combination, the order of digits does not matter. So 1234 is the same as 1342 or 4213 etc.

The four digit identification number on the placard or orange panel is the?

This is the UN Identification Number.

What are the odds of a four digit number 0-9?

It is 0.000009 approx.

How many four digits numbers can be formed using 0123456789?

Assuming that the first digit of the 4 digit number cannot be 0, then there are 9 possible digits for the first of the four. Also assuming that each digit does not need to be unique, then the next three digits of the four can have 10 possible for each. That results in 9x10x10x10 = 9000 possible 4 digit numbers. If, however, you can not use the same number twice in completing the 4 digit number, and the first digit cannot be 0, then the result is 9x9x8x7 = 4536 possible 4 digit numbers. If the 4 digit number can start with 0, then there are 10,000 possible 4 digit numbers. If the 4 digit number can start with 0, and you cannot use any number twice, then the result is 10x9x8x7 = 5040 possilbe 4 digit numbers.

How many four digit numbers containing no zeros have the property that whenever any one of its four digits is removed the resulting three digit number is divisible by 3?


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How many combinations are there for a four digit number?


What are all the number combinations for the numbers 1 through four?

This question needs clarificatioh. There are 4 one digit number combinations, 16 two digit combinations, ... 4 raised to the n power for n digit combinations.

What are the combinations for a 3 digit number 1-4?

Assuming the digits are not repeated, there are four combinations:123, 124, 134 and 234.

What is a list of 5 digit combinations starting with a 3 and numbers can be repeated?

The number of four-digit combinations is 10,000 .Stick a '3' before each of them, and you have all the possible 5-digit combinations that start with 3.There are 10,000 of them. They run from 30,000 to 39,999 .

What is a four digit number that is divisible by 369?

3690 is one example.

How many place combinations in a four digit number and all have to go in diff spots eg 1234 4321 2134 etc numbers cant change and have to stay same four numbers?

How many place combinations in a four digit number and all have to go in different spot example: 1234, 4321, 2134 etc. numbers can't change and have to stay four numbers?The answer would be 36 different combinations. This is simply the counting principle and it's easy for anyone to learn.

What are the 10000 combinations that are possible with a four digit combination ranging with numbers 0-9?

every number from 0000 to 9999

How many four digit combinations are there for the numbers 1-6?


Can you give me three four digit combinations?

1234, 1235 and 1236.

How do you make 6789 into a four digit number?

It is already a four-digit number.

How many four digit combinations are there in the numbers 1 to 12?

There are 12C4 4 NUMBER combinations. And that equals 12*11*10*9/(4/3/2/1) = 495 combinations. However, some of these, although 4 number combinations consist of 7 digits eg 1, 10, 11, and 12. Are you really sure you want 4-DIGIT combinations?

What is the highest and the lowest four-digit numbers?

Lowest four-digit number: 1000 Highest four-digit number: 9999

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